Rohendel tranfer not working

so i boosted my 1st alt yesterday thru rohendel and grinded his gear out and i am now boosting him thru yjorn right know. i just got done finishing my 2nd alt and went to stronghold to transfer rohndel and i cant for some reason

anyone know why this is happening?

i also wanted to ask about the transfers its 9 per tab right because each tab has 9 at the top and not 9 as a hole right?

It says character who completed the quest 2/3.
So it looks like you need to manually do another character through rohendal story before you can use boost again?

so what ur saying is my main did the story line and im using the mains knowledge for my first alt so i need to redo rohendel yjorn and feiton on my 2nd alt to be able to boost my 3rd alt

Something like that yeah ^^

I know I was watching Savix earlier and I think he had the same problem and was manually doing Rohendel when I opened stream as a result.

ok thanks for the help

Shouldn’t I be able to do this for my alt? I completed Rohendal but it’s not available for the alt:

Hey Vex, it seems your alt is not 460 item level.

to boost the alt through the rohendel story it has to reach 460 it says “item level 460 unattained”

don’t misunderstand knowledge transfer with a boost system. It only completes the story quests on the continent but does not give your character gear. Only the first knowledge transfer to 302 does give you gear.

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Easy way to remember

Outside of Vern where there is no limitation,

For every char you clear manually, you can knowledge transfer 1 alt.

If you clear rohendel on 1 char, you can transfer 1.
If you clear Rohendel manually on 2 chars, you can transfer 2.
So on and so forth.

That makes way more sense. It seemed to good to be true :slight_smile:

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Honestly it’s shit like this that makes me want to quit, I already hated the experience of storyline questing on my Main, and apparently, I made the mistake of making 5 alts, coz now I just found out instead of being able to skip all the storylines (coz I find them extremely boring and time wasty) I have to do Rohendel, Yorn and Feiton TWO MORE TIMES, + 5 Punikas. I honestly don’t get it, on one hand, the game promotes Alting but on the other hand either they think it’ll be really fun to experience the same storyline multiple times or they don’t want you to make a lot of Alts… so which is it? Making only 1 Alt kinda sucks tbh, I guess 4 is the sweetspot (?) I’m honestly pretty disappointed, I either quit right now or suck it up and get f****d.


sooo mine doesnt work either, im trying to boos a lvl 50 302 ilvl alt to yorn or even rohendel but neither works. i leveled my main manually then power passed two characters, but it seems like i can only boost the characters i didnt use a powerpass on (to vern that is, not rohendel or yorn either) can someone help

You’re misunderstanding the system. You can boost a new character to North Vern, but you have to be ON that character in the stronghold to start it. This means you have to get that character far enough to have unlocked the songs so you can teleport to the strognhold. Takes 5 minutes.

The North Vern transfer gives your character a set of 302 gear so thats good. But now:

To do the Rohendel transfer you need to get your alt to ilvl 460.
To do the Yorn transfer you need to get your alt to ilvl 600.

All transfers after the North Vern transfer do NOT give you gear. They serve ONLY to skip the main story quest (which take about 1.5 hours each) to unlock features such as new Chaos Dungeon levels and higher tier content. If you don’t have the gold to spare it’s not really worth to do transfers beyond the Vern one.

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