Roster Account Bound

Roster progression should be account bound and not server bound.

That’s a solution for people who wants to change the server, you can start over in a new one but not losing all the progression and collectibles, skins,mounts ,etc.

Then you can just buy a lvl boost when they came aviable in the new server.

I started this game splitted from my friends.
Locked for character creation in that server.
Now that it’s unlocked i have more than 400 hours in the game with a lot of collectibles and roster progression that i really dont want to lose, money and time.

The pain is no leveling at all, the pain si losing all the money and time invested in an account.
So please Smilegate and Amazon give us some light about this.
I enter every week looking for updates for this topic (server transfer) and i hope they do something soon.

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They have warned people about this specific thing multiple times. Over and over.

And there will most likely not be any server transfer for a very very long time


Ok, then make roster account bound, so we can start over from 0 without losing all the money and collectibles, mounts, etc

Server transfers that they are working on are also NOT roster transfers, just character transfers.
So if you’re waiting for transfer be aware you won’t be taking your Roster progress.

This wouldn’t work as people progress more than one Roster per Account.

So whats the point on transfer a charater? Just buy a lvl boost
Whats the point on change a character to another server without all the mounts,skins,etc?
Sorry but there’s no sense.

It’s not so easy to change the roster to be applicable for every server. There will be a lot of changes required to their backend infrastructure for that and I believe Smilegate doesn’t see the issue being so large that it warrants such a large change.

Well I’m not in charge :smile:

If I was I don’t think I’d attempt to launch a live game without transfers!

Roster account bound would:

  • Block your unas gold from other servers (kr does this afaik)
  • Block your multiple pvp ranks (there are guys doing this)

Well, destiny 2 make cross progression and account bound things like 3 years after release, so smilegate should be able to do something.
Is not a simple request, its our time and money in game here.
I really love this game but this is a big problem for me.

Imagine that i just give up and change the server, start over… ok i just threw like USD200 to the garbage and 400 hours of my life, without counting all the twitch and prime gaming skins that i’ll never see again.


What server are you on that you need to move from?

From what I’ve seen on the forum there are problems in EUW and SA.

Im in server Kurzan SA need to move to Kazeros.

Also, one thing to add, yesterday trying to kill world bosses, the server was empty, for example we were 4 ppl trying to kill a lvl 1040 boss in feiton, being already with t3 armor, thats really dissapointing, not being able to do world events because of the lack of ppl playing

They’ve said they will look to merging servers within a region so hopefully this will mean you don’t need to transfer if it results in enough players being on your new server. I hope they do that quickly so your game time isnt impacted too long :frowning:

So, they can merge server but they cant do roster account bound?
If you merge a server, is not the same? they just merge serve A with server B, now the roster is in another new server,so they can do roster transfer making server merge but they cant do roster transfer at all… im confused now (irony)

Yeah me too dude, me too. Just wanted to give you hope that even if it means a circus, eventually you’ll get to a place where your Roster + active players will be in one place… eventually. :smile:

I think it’s technically more work than it’s worth. You need to create a data table on each of the servers to keep track of your account and then update it everytime cross-server. That’s a lot of extra load on all servers.

There must be a solution.
Really there’s no way to just clone the items in one server to another one?

When we ask for transfer is more than move a character to another server, I’m asking for my stuff, I don’t know, should be a way to just duplicate it, ill level again if i must and lose all the mokokos etc, but my pets? skins? mounts? i really have to lose all of that.

Sorry but they don’t, at the beginning of the Game there was not information.After ppl started to complain they Made the advice.

It’s easy for the ppl who doesnt have any problem in the Game to talk about.

What happens if your server dies tomorrow? All tour items, progression, money spent?

See the Bad design of the roster system ?

Then I quit. Simple as that, really.
When KR can’t even offer server transfers, I have my doubts that we’ll get them.

For people who started day 1 there were no choice. Best servers were full and locked by that time. Character transfer without roster benefits is useless. They will soon need to merge servers or enable full roster transfer between servers.