Roster Bound > Character Bound

There is no excuse at all (other than the exploitation of players time/effort/money) for anything that does not contribute to the direct item level of the character, aka armor and weapons and armor and weapons only to be anything other than roster bound, freely shared between all characters on your roster at the players discretion. Ya’ll devs be surprised people don’t play enough alts? Really? Stop running an inconvenience store then. You can take all the money easier and with less hassle if you just give people the fun they want. Win win.

ESPECIALLY honing materials. Why are ANY of these not roster bound? Don’t answer that, it is a rhetorical question. Anyone who attempts an answer other than “Corporate greed” is wrong and should feel bad. The end.

tl;dr instead of screwing players out of their money, why not make them happy to pay you? Try it… you might find it works better.

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Instead of hoarding more bound materials then you need why not save the chests in roster storage and use just as many as you currently need? Every chest and or quest tells you exactly what you get. It tells you that the item is bound after you open it so why not take that extra easy step and open the chest on the character that needs the materials and only use as many as you need?


You forgot one important excuse


You just want the easy way so everything is handed to you on a silver platter, lost arks come rolling to your footside and all the guardians die at your snap of a finger

You make a lot of presumptions that are incorrect. Let me explain a little more to you about the game, since you’re unfamiliar likely due to a lack of experience: Materials don’t just come from chests. There you go. You’re on the path to true understanding and enlightenment.

People who don’t speak English in a coherent grammatically accurate way are annoying.

Sure enough. Still every source of materials tells you if the material is going to be bound or not. So you just simply do the gated content on the character you want materials on

depends from where. If we’re talking t1 or t2 then materials comes from chests from doing islands, so saving those chests and using them as needed is a good way to save and not waste.

Not everyone is an English speaker in this community. Shocking, I know

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Correct. Your post should be one of such examples for the devs. Why should they care about your post if you can’t properly manage your materials.

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Who says I haven’t properly managed my materials? Again, presumptions that you make to seem intelligent actually make you significantly less so. Did you know that people are capable of making observations about systems and seeing their flaws without in fact falling into the cracks of the system themselves? You assume much. Again, incorrectly.

ITT: A OP with superiority complex that goes off on people that don’t agree with them.

Man, don’t make a forum thread if you can’t handle another person’s opinion.


Your opinion of baseless and incorrect presumptions as to the reason why I have my opinion, and your advice on how to then defeat my own supposed problem and by extension all those who have my problem through your advice? Great in concept, unless of course the foundation of your entire counterpoint, which is that I somehow mismanaged my materials and that is what my post is about, is incorrect. Aside from being completely wrong from the start, yeah bro you’re absolutely right. Good job?

Edit: Looks like I mistakenly took Anyd for Haruharu due to the same icon. My mistake. I’ll leave this post here anyway just so as to not waste someones time having to write the post this one would have destroyed. Carry on.