Roster bound harmony shards/remove from thr top list

Is there any way to transfer harmony shards between characters? It is so misleading that shards aren’t roster bound but displayed above with other currencies :frowning:


I’d like to know this too!

I’m in t2 now and still have 24k harmony shards on my main + a bunch of bound materials & leap stones.

Is there nothing we can do with these? Not even trade them in for other currencies?

Yeah it seems pretty stupid to me for a game thats been released 3 years ago. Shouldnt be that hard to implement a trade in option for leftover shards. its just a little thing but its feels awful sitting forever on shards that are completely useless. Not good design imo. Just devalue them and let us trade them in for anything.

Yes. At least make a “Character Bound” tab on the currencies or smth, to show that they are not shared like the rest.

indeed very misleading… and annoying as i opened shard pouches on the wrong character … grrrr