Roster level renamed in latest Cyfy video

Was talking to somebody about the new welcome challenge update, Season 2 Core, that was found in the latest video, and i noticed this. The roster level seems to have been renamed to Account level by the looks of it

Updated welcome challenge icon just for information if people hadnt seen it yet

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which is not a so good idea…
Roster = server specific
account = easy to think it is for ALL server…

Thanks god

I like roster better. Account is so generic.

If they change it, i am going to miss calling it rooster level

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Why? Your roster refers to your team. This refers to your whole team, not a partial team.

Account still better than Roster. Just like Roster, you can refer to your account level by server. If you wanted something more interesting, I still like Expedition level like it was on RU server…

Heck, they could even call it a server level or even put the name of the server (112 Avesta Server). Since that’s the only actual link to what’s actually being progressed.

or in french version :stuck_out_tongue:

with “account level” some people could be mislead to think it is “account” not “account limited to this server”
a small problem yes, i admit, but i prefer things being clear even of such thing…
People disappoint themselves in such case ? yep totally, but there are easy way to avoid it, it is always better