Roster limit / Bound items

Some items can only be bought once per roster but I don’t understand why they are made bound to the character you bought the items with. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. I just bought 17 glorious leapstone chests in south vern which give 170 leapstones total. They are bound to my 1415 main now because I didn’t read “Binds when obtained” right underneath the item picture. I only checked the red font which says “Untradeable” and “Cannot be dismantled”. I also checked if the chests had a (bound) title like “Glorious leapstone chest(bound)”.

I am aware that it’s my fault for not reading everything correctly but Roster limited items should actually be made roster bound and not character bound. Same issue with all the events going on. You always need to buy with the character you want to use the items on as they are bound.

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Amen. I really hope they make bound mats into bound to roster

I presume this is because the items you’re purchasing also have a minimum ilvl required to purchase them. If they were roster bound then you could buy them on your main and funnel them to an underlevel alt. That said, this particular case doesn’t make a ton of sense to me… those Honor Leapstone chests require ilvl 1370, but you don’t use Honor Leapstones at 1370. Yes, you can upgrade them, but if you’re going to have to upgrade them then why not go ahead and replace the chests with Great Honor Leapstone chests (with 1/5th the quantity).

Are you serious? People are always complaining about upgrading being so difficult and that’s why they keep pumping out more catch up events and honing materials.

Just skip a honing event and make things roster bound…

Wtf do you call this super event where you get 2 upgrades per try up to +12? Not easy?