Roster lvl roll back or bans for tower exploit?

Currently there is a tower roster xp exploit thats allowing players to re run tower t2 over and over on same character with out completing it but keep the roster XP, will there be punishment for this or should we will be doing it?

nubz what are u talking about?

There are people running stage 1-49 and wait for the timer to run off at stage 49 so the Tower doesn’t count is as a completion, then they run the Tower again at stage 1, over and over exploiting the Roster Exp which Tower give.

why would anyone torture himself so much and do this


Ehhhh, idk.

Personally just let my roster lvl go up by itself over time.
If someone wants to go through all that to get a few goodies, I’m not personally bothered.

you get like 50k xp per 10 floors which takes like 5mins, roster lvls give main stats and blue diamonds

Maybe they could just disable tower completely like they did to south vern so nobody can finish anything


So I’m not saying exploits are good, or anything. But I do have some counter points.

iirc, you get about 1200-2800 roster xp per floor depending on how high you currently are in the tower. That is not 50k xp per 10 floors.

Every other roster lvl gives vitality and then main stat respectively.

I’m currently at roster lvl 132, so one level takes 136k XP.

So if 10 floors give ~20k xp and you stop at 49, that’s around 50k xp per entire tower.
You have to run the entirety of the tower 2 1/2 times to get 1 roster level, and 5 entire towers to get just 5 of your main stat.

Who in their right mind would grind that?

Yup. And the hilarity of it is the T2 doesn’t even give you a level.

Lmao would rather go farm collectibles or get Ignea tokens instead of hurting myself by doing Tower again.

And FYI, my first toon was a bard so yes, I cleared both on my bard. Not looking for that kind of pain again anytime soon.

i have seen 3 230+ roster lvl already in past couple days, so some people are. even iuf you think its not worth it is an exploit that should be fixed

The current cap is 250. Everyone will eventually reach there if you play the game a lot.

No need to grind tower all day and waste your time

they don’t even punish the infinity scripter literally no hope they will do sth here …
Should be punished but there are bigger stuff going on