Roster Progression After Lvl 50

I have several alts that I have used the power pass for. I use my main primarly for the quest and I just like the different styles of game play. I have just finished Rohendel on my Main for the first time. Now do I have to do the Rohendel story ark for each of my characters? This is important because to unlock higher level Chaos dungens etc, you have to unlock each section of the map via there story arks. Am I missing a skip or do I just have to suck it up and play the main story ark?

There’s knowledge transfer in the stronghold that will complete continent stories on alts. They won’t get gear like the ilvl 302, just story completion.

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Thats the skill tree transfer? or something along that lines

No, it’s the book (Knowledge) icon in the stronghold if you’ve unlocked it. It will let you pay gold to train an alt to certain points in the storyline you have manually reached on characters.

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