Roster/Character Bound items issue

Hi! I wanted to ask why there seems to be a sort of obsession with making random things character bound and not roster bound. We don’t even have to talk about honing materials, which is different for us than in the other global regions like KR where they are all roster bound, but things like the Fever Time food reward in the attached picture. What possible reason could there be for having this be character bound and not roster bound. It seems like it’s just a way to punish players who are not paying attention. I’m really not being sarcastic, it really seems like its an obsession of AGS to see how many items they can get people to have locked on the wrong characters. The norm needs to be shifted away from a default of character bound to roster bound items, it really would make the game a lot better.

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  • l2p
  • own fault
  • etc.

Yeah, it’s stupid.

yeah, I didn’t actually make a mistake with this one, I’ve learned better than that, I always check before I accept any type of item from anything, it just seems a bit ridiculous. And how about those chests that say Bound to roster but the items inside become character bound and not roster bound? it’s not like we can sell roster bound items anyway so why screw people over like that…

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