Rough Leather - try hunting guild quest


So i have been trying to do this quest for days for the guild i am in. We are not able to find anything about rough leather. There is such thing as Tough leather but not rough leather. I have been searching on forums and also reddit and youtube and nobody has been able to find rough leather.

There is no item from what i can see in the database about rough leather. Only tough leather.

If you have any info on this please let me know. Thank you for all your help!

Cant find it either, super dumb that we waste 1 week of guild progress now.

Hey i’ve just figured this out by accident XD there is a island you go to and do the quests and you exchange the quest items for rough leather :slight_smile: island location below red marker called crescent isle. ive just started this so hopefully it leads to more islands for this :slight_smile:
Edit: after doing the quest you get another to get 20 rough leather which you get by hunting more rabbits on the island once thats done it contributed 6 points to the guild quest so a lot of guildies will need to help get it done, hope this helps


What quest?
I went there and there is no quest not rough lether in the exchange npc

there’s a purple quest to the bottom left a dude sat down do that you get some rough leather then you just go around the island and hunt rabbits and you will get rough leather once you have 20 you can complete the guild weekly and it will give 6 points to the guild total.

So I went to this island and there is not any purple quests here at all. So im not sure what you did to get it.

You need to activate the guild quest in ALT+J and hunt rabbits. It’s just that.

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I’m 43 atm, and I found the island with the questgiver (WxSW) on it (and quest acceptable, ofc xD) and currently collecting scales from rabbits. Thx.

You CANNOT do the guild quest (or any guild quest, which one does not matter) until you hit 50 and unlock Una’s Tasks. The Guild task for guild xp, etc. is an UNA task for lvl 50 characters. You’re 43? That’s the issue.
Once you hit 50 and pick this up as a proper Una Guild task ANY rabbit you hunt will advance the quest, including the ones found in your cave at the Stronghold.
The game does a terrible job of explaining this as I too, tried to do the guild task before hitting 50 and discovered this the hard way.