Rowen PvP Balance

I think, it should be fair when it comes to Red vs Blue faction PVP in Rowen, that of course right now in Adrinne Red is def predominantly in numbers, that they should give some slight buff or increase dmg dealt/dmg taken for the team with much much less people. I’m not too bothered that blue is outnumbered by red, cuz that gives people that enjoy PvP more chance to get more kills, but it def does become much harder when all they gotta do is spam skills and you can barely get to them. Just a suggestion.

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Thank you for your suggestion about PvP.

We will move your topic to the right section and language!

You know that exactly the same amount of players per faction can join a channel right ?

so lets say channel 1 is “red” which means you cant join that channel. you should try it , and you will be astonished that you can perhaps join.
because it turns red that moment one faction got the max amount of players.

its not like red can join in one channel and no space for blue is left , thats not how it works

a "full channel " means both side have the same amount of players to fight

Thats not how it works. You may have to shift channels as red because you guys actually have a 85% to 15% blue player blase ratio. Yeah more blue’s can join the game but its not full its never full. I always experience 10 reds to 1 blue and I was forced to pick blue. At no point since Rowen Release has Blue ever had an active player count on several NA servers. No Balance, No Consideration. It just means that red faction will get access to unlockable and content sooner than others that may want to participate more simply because the game decided to force a bad hand on other people.

How about a new patch where you guys split the red and blue 50/50 and force some factions to be changed. for people already in red so we can equalize the numbers.

There are tons of videos showing how terrible it is and im just tired even after the last patch and what not to help people catch up there is no one really joining blue at an fast and active enough rank that i go in to rowen to participate and just attack once or twice and wait for it to be over to get a participation trophy reward.

It cheapens my experience while it just makes someone elses experience a simple walk in the park to get what they need to progress. Why give everyone the opportunity to choose a color faction if you suddenly force people to choose the one that has a 1% player base and wait for it to fill up when the entire active player base already selected red.

It was a terrible design and deployment. The option to choose a faction was a part they ripped out of the game to try and balance the player count but what needs to happen is just a 50/50 split and force some red coats to wear blue…

The more i want to be involved as a new player the more difficult it is because gold nerfs take away from the ability to get ahead, the older content to get runes and other things needed to keep up no one does anymore so you are SOL. The older islands no one attends because everyone has done that. And now PVP world Rowen events are so one sided that I participate knowing that I am going to have a crappy time and knowing that im subjecting my self through it like an escort does to get a form of currency.

you should play on a full server, there its exactly how it works

if one faction hits the max amount of players, it turns red on the left upper corner where you can switch channels.

but the other faction still can join in till they are full aswell

yes its bad system at a whole faction choosing, and forcing people in one faction , by getting a better ratio would be nice

but there is a both sided max amount of players per channel.
so yxes a full channel has a fair 50:50 ratio