Rowen skin change class

Hi there,

i would like to ask if its possible to change the class from my rowen skin from mage to fighter. I accidentally opened the chest piece on my summoner and just went with it since i thought “there is no coming back”.

After playing around with the dyes for a bit i really want that skin on my glaivier^^ I know, its my fault but maybe there can be done sth. about this. Currently stashed in my Roster storage.

Server: EU Central, Armen
Character Bhivaesh

thats not possible. thers been a few topics about the same thing. you just need to becareful when you use your skins

About the rowen skin particular? Since that is kind of a special case since its a bonus skin.

What difference does it make what skin it is?? You didnt take your time to use it on the right character. Same as everyone else did with other skins…
Why would they change opinion depending on what skin it is??

It is. Every kins until now could be bought either multiple times over different characters, bought in the ah afterwards.

The rowen skin is one time purchase without the possibility to to sell or buy it one more time.

But Facts is still facts.
The mistake is on your side. not theres.
They didnt tell you to use the skin on the wrong character.
So if you would get to change it. why wouldnt everyone else get to change theres??

No facts are not “facts” just as i described it for you. You can buy several skins on the AH afterwards or buy multiple couple other ones. Its not the same.

But then again, i am more looking forward to a CM responding here. So my conversation with you ends here^^

yes it was your fingers pressing the mouse to open the skin box.
There was no Bug or anything that missled you to do it.
I know it sucks, dont get me wrong.
But it makes no difference if its a limited skin, or a mass produced skin.
You didnt think it over, before you opened it, OR you just reguret opening it on the character, and now want to change.

i would sugest looking on previous posts before posting in the future, if u cant take the truth being handed to you

Hello @Myeura, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry to read that your skin chest was opened on the wrong character, unfortunately as the skin was claimed and opened in the wrong character we cannot provide you with a replacement skin, please make sure that you are in the right character before opening skin chests to prevent this from happening in the future.

Let us know if there’s something else we can help you with, have a good day in Arkesia.

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