Rowen Wolf Mask

There is a 2nd piece to this apparently for the bottom jaw. Is this obtainable from somewhere, if so where?


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Damn. I guess not.

Damn. thanks for your research been looking for info on this and couldn’t find it anywhere that’s disappointing

You can also craft as many as you want in other regions but we don’t have skin crafting because for some reason it has to be bundled with Yoz Jar. They just don’t care about us missing tons of skins.


@Roxx Will this be added to our version or is it completely unobtainable.


It’s already in our version… Notice how his screenshot has the english name. It’s a hidden quest in rowen.

but that is only the headpiece. The question is the jaw (Facemask 2)

Talking about the 2nd part of the mask. Not the head piece. If you look at the Korean video I posted, there is a second part for the Jaw/Maw which looks like they got it from player points shop. We don’t have that. So how else would we get it?

Ah kk my bad I think that’s from yoz jar crafting… not 100% sure though. So you answer will be the same as when we get the legendary skins.

We could also probably get it from a event/drop eventually who knows.

We have that, its Amethyst store.
Smilezon simply refuses to update it.

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Wanna keep this going until we get an answer from someone.

second that. Let’s keep it up till a CM answers.

@Roxx please WHERE IS THE JAW why dont we have it???, let us know


they don’t work on weekends, wait for tomorrow night or tuesday to get a response.

My i am interested as well threads