Rowen - Worest Content Since Release

I will keep this short and brief. The Concept of Rowen sounds fun and great - Implementation and functionality are Terrible.

  • PVP Events being constant time availability locked No Rotation in accessibility really locks some people out of participation
  • PVP Menus access and implementation was a total after thought
  • PVP events should be cross server to bolster Numbers
  • Field Boss, No one shows up to do Field Boss. This is Terrible I show up 3 times in Ch 1 and I am the solo player doing the Boss - Boss Should scale or be cross server

Overall Major failed patch / Zone for smaller servers - honestly this needs to be addressed 1 mega server


Yup it’s garbage


I think that many of those things will be server/region specific. On EUC for example there is (for now) always enough people. So what they have to do, is some additional merging, ideally merge those regions which were created due to spike during release with active regions. I quite like idea of cross-server zones, but it is probably not even feature of the game.

I love Rowen.

That this events are always at the Same time , thats really not that good of a conzept , true.
But what would be your Suggestion to change it for better goods ?

Its rewards for doing that Continent.
I mean people hate sitting 3 Hours farming Mushrooms in Yorn. And still do it.
Getting rank 7 , take about 5-7 Weeks , doing 4 weeklys and 2 events per weeks .
Its a little bit more time, but never more than 3 Hours per week. Also theres other Rewards on the way to rank 7 aswell

It seems your server problem. On my Server There are always channel 1 red if you come late to the party , even yesterday at 1am channel 1 was red and 2 was yellow
to primetime there are 3-4 Channels full and atleast 2 yellow

but i have to admit, is sad that your server not even get a channel full for fieldboss :frowning:
but if you dont get ganked, you can do that boss with 5-7 people in less than 10 minutes

You forgot to mention that optimalisation sucks weiner as well. I don’t believe that my 6k$ worth PC and I have to play 15fps during siege


The pvp aspect is just one part of it.

“Overall failed majo patch” kekw.

I personally really like Rowen. Each to their own i guess. The story was good, the adventure map items are more accessible, the GvG is fun, and the omnium star drops very easily from the field boss

I don’t know how anyone thought it was a good idea to put a pve content (field boss) right in the middle of a pvp area. You can’t use relic set bonus and anyone from the opposing faction can come and troll you. Plus player numbers are split between 2 factions. Field boss should have been put into its separate safe zone where everyone, regardless of faction, fight the same boss. Leave the pvp zone to pvp events.

And yes the siege events are absolutely a nightmare in terms of lag. Really love watching my ping spike to 1500+ and not even knowing what/who I died to while being unable to fight back at all.


Obviously PvP turds love Rowen.
it gives them so much opportunity to pester people while they do una tasks or grind cooking ingredients.

Average horizontal content enjoyer just visits this place once a week when they sorted everything else in adventure tome.
What a struggle to get last two cooking items.

They should gatekeep everything by PvP rank.
Now that would be the definition of dead continent.


I think its fun.

PvP in a PvE focus game = ripperino

In regards to the Field boss tho, they could design a buff system where you exchange those red crystals for a perma scaling buff to enable players to solo it or have a better time with it.