Roxx and CyFy are lovely, some advice moving forward

Roxx and CyFy are lovely, bubbly people that seem extremely nice and a pleasure to be around.

That being said I think we should additionally have AGS representatives as people that actively clear endgame content. I believe that having representatives that stream end game content or are knowledgeable on it is very beneficial for the community, as of right now, with all due respect to them as busy individuals, Roxx and CyFy seem to be extremely behind compared to your average active player. Though their streams are fun to watch, I doubt that any new player tuning in will get a feel for what the game is about, or even tackle the more interesting parts of the game. This also worries me a bit that we are giving feedback to people that don’t really play the game too often, my main concern being that they don’t actually know what the player wants because they don’t have the player experience - if they don’t know what we want how can we trust that the information they are interfacing is representative of the player opinions.

I feel like there are many players tackling endgame content, including veterans from other servers, that would love the opportunity to work with AGS in providing a better player experience.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Part of a community managers job is to collect player feedback and consolidate it and then present it to management and devs etc, technically they don’t need to play the game and quite honestly the potential is that by playing the game to a large degree it could lead them to present biased data to help push changes that they want rather than what the overall player base wants or would like.

Ultimately the way it currently seems is they present data to SG to be told “we’re not doing that we’re sticking to what we want to do” and player feedback is generally disregarded. If this wasn’t the case then we wouldn’t be having new classes every 2 months, we’d have community engagement over what classes the community would like out of a selection etc etc, but here’s the kicker that most people don’t seem to realize, it’s isn’t a democracy. SG will do what SG want to do and AGS will push out the marketing material for it.

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Mage with subclass assassin right?


Hear that @Roxx get to raiding!

Though a CMs experience in endgame is pretty irrelevant when it comes to being a Community Manager. You may think it is, but it really isn’t they can moderate the forums, respond to information, and relay information without full context.

I don’t know about CyFy, I don’t really pay much attention to what he actually does.

I never said to replace anyone, I said to add representation that actually plays the game, not to take away jobs. If AGS has CyFy doing content for Lost Ark and he is barely scraping the start of the game then idk what to say. It also hurts to see how a ton of answering of questions in this forum is just confusion.

I have no issues with what Roxx is doing, which is her job. She is constrained by what she can and cannot share, and there are a LOT of posts on these forums. I don’t think it’s fair for us to ask for anything else.

Cy on the other hand, I get you’re reading from some crappy script, but please don’t dig yourself a hole and look like a complete idiot on social media. Mage Assassin? 2K hours with Level 28 Stronghold? The community is not stupid. Tbh his videos are quite embarrassing, they could have easily reached out to other content creators to provide valuable content.