@Roxx and @Shadow_Fox i just want to say im sorry, can we talk?

So things been going wild lately, theres a talk in reddit that you guys have to see an therapist 6 days a week to handle all this negativity from the forums and be it true or not, it really hit me, it really did. You guys have to put up with so much negativity, mindless hate, toxicity towarded you when it should be split among the team equally, it usually hits just you roxx and shadow, so instead of bashing, mindlessly posting rude things, etc, i want to improvise. How about i make suggestions? how about we talk how things should go and the positives that will follow?

My 1st suggestion would be that, If we come as an community, to an agreement about the current extended class release cadence, is there a way for you guys to tease in a way or another the next class so that we can have atleast some hype and expectancy even if its just the next class coming? 2 months for the next one is long one and not having anything else to expect or speculate just kills it off – we want to take our mind off of the ‘‘2 month sequence’’-- and you guys talked about ‘‘dryness’’, so for those who are still yet going dry out of their main, would atleast have something to speculate, have fun with that, instead of just plain emptiness

  • Community hype is awesome and instead of toxicity and negativity, we could focus on the positivity, which is to expect and speculate, wonder and relate with each other, is there possibility for you guys in the team to create this magical atmosphere of community coming together?

My 2nd suggestion is, can you guys talk more to us with dev blogs? monthly/ biweekly/ or whatever sequencial release you would like, how about an blog? if we get an official word from you every 2 months, can we atleast have something in that 2 months so that we know you guys are still there? planning? making sure everything is working? Or just simply to talk about the lost ark western version to us?

My 3rd subject on this one is that – Can you acknowledge things to us? ‘‘we know players would love this or that and are looking into when is a best time to release’’ does wonders to people, like look how happy people were when you guys acknowledged the 1460 stronghold buff? People got really happy just that you acknowledged it, had it came or had it not.

  • I know you guys are new, the whole team is new, probably none of you ever worked with lost ark before, so you guys are learning – which is fine, But we as community we need to see the learning curve that you guys are improving, – one way is what i talked before is acknowledging points that are problems for players for example ‘’ we understand players are not happy for the extended sequence of release, thats why with every release we will include X additional thing to spice things up’’ Just for example, small things like that can work wonders! it doesnt have to be anything big! just the thought that you guys know, and care, yes you cant make it faster due to reasons, but us seeing that you guys do care, and you guys showing us you care. Would mean the world for us.