Roxx being the Only Dev? And Split US from rest of the world

Hi there.

Could you please advise if we are going to see more then 1 Dev in here? Currently all we see is @Roxx and frankly, looking at response times this is a US based Dev.

For the love of God can we split this game up into the actual regions?
Have Maintenance in EU run on CET Midnight and not just Favour the US, i know you are American orientated, but there is more out there then you guys.

The EU needs to be split from US times, as Maintenance screws us over bigtime whilst for the US mostly people be sleeping…

Also give some more Dev’s.

You would have assumed Amazon would have learned a bit from New World Disaster but mostly this has not been the case yet.
Almo0st all mistakes from New World have been repeated in this game, Poor management on Amazon’s side of things.

Can you please make it a priority to sort out the split between the US and EU so we don’t have to deal with US based good time maintenance, i mean you even start with Tonight in your Maintenance message… its Morning when you start them here…

Please sort this stuff out so don’t have to deal with American stuff.