@Roxx Is it intentional you can save tripods and then sell the armor piece after?

It feels really weird to get a relic armor piece save the tripods in my inventory and then still be able to sell the armor piece on the AH after? seems like an oversight/bug? like shouldn’t it be a decision to either use the item or make gold not both?

IF you transfer the saved tripod on another item it becomes bound.

you just sell the item before u transfer over they dont disappear from ur saved inventory after you sell

It’s not a bug, it’s in other versions as well.

That method has been around a very long time. If it wasn’t intentional, it would’ve been removed from the game by now.

What do you mean? you can sell multiple gear on the AH or dod oyu mean you can infinitly use the gear to upgrade your tripod?

thats kinda dumb?? no? like it makes the entire tripod level system kind of pointless, you just buy ur bis tripods from AH, Save them, Sell the item and literally lose no gold in the process?? it just seems like extra steps for free BiS tripods when they could just give them to us because thats essentially what they are doing

complaining about a feature that makes tripod cheaper sheeeeesh

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Get your item, copy it, sell your item, take your gold, and stop crying on the forums over something that benefits you and doesn’t affect anyone negatively. Gotta quit with this oonga boonga shit when you run out of valid things to complain about. Lol


Op the type of kid to remind the math teacher there was math homework and a quiz due that day.

“Please teacher give me pop quiz”


Can you copy that tripod over and over again until you get it to a piece you want?

I’m not complaining about a feature, I’m mainly pointing out that it feels like a bug and unintentional i don’t think features are suppose to feel like a bug. but if this is the way that it has always been so be it. still doesn’t stop it from feeling unintended.

Teacher I’m just pointing out that you haven’t given us any homework in a week or any quizzes and that doesn’t seem with the whole school thing

No because you can’t transfer it into any of the “tattered” gear. Haven’t tried with the blue and purple T3 armor though so it could work.

You can get 6 guaranteed tripods max using that method, btw. You have to legit transfer the other 12. Now stop your needless complaining.

you have no idea how it works do you lol… u buy ur BiS Relic armor piece from AH with lvl 4 tripoods… you save those tripods to ur tripod inventory. you resell the relic armor piece on the AH, you apply saved tripods to your gear. you lose no gold. and get free BiS

??? i literally just did this trick with 9 tripods. u can get relic pieces to drop with +4/+4/+4??

How much did it cost u to buy it from AH

I don’t see any problems what are you complaining about?

50k, then sold it back for 50k. cost me 0 gold for BiS tripods. which feels unintentional because it makes the entire tripod system pointless