@Roxx Is it intentional you can save tripods and then sell the armor piece after?

Payon is free now?

It does have a cost tho : you still spend pheons in the process, and the items also sells for less as the remaining amount of available trades reduces :stuck_out_tongue:

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go try play on korea and ask the players about this :joy:

i literally sold it for the same amount i bought it for. and pheons dont have a cost if u wernt dumb and spent all the free ones u have like 500+ right now

I’m sitting on a large amount as well, and dont get me wrong i get your point, but thats still an opportunity cost regardless !

I worded my previous comment very poorly (I’m shit at multitasking). You can feasibly get 6 maxed. The items can be sold on the AH a total of 3 times before they can no longer be traded, and since it’s extremely rare that they’ll drop with 2-3 level 4 BiS tripods, you won’t see them often. 1 example of 1 with two level 4s that you’ll actually use doesn’t mean you’ll find that all the time.

As you can see on the item they have a trade limit, so they can only be traded 3 times before they can’t be traded anymore.

i have 3/5 of my armor pieces BiS tripods from this. i dont think its as rare as you think.

so 3 people get free upgrades and then the item will never sell because no one will spend money on a system that is designed to give u free BiS tripods.

So show us on the doll where the system hurt you.


the system didnt hurt me. the system is pointless. the entire point of tripod system is to level them up slowly theres a reason they have an RNG chance to transfer over. someone who gets a drop where all 3 tripods are BiS should have to choose between making gold, or using it. not getting both.

The entire system becomes pointless when u can just buy ur BiS, and then sell the item again and lose zero gold from the process. if the system is designed like this they might as well just have a drop down menu and we can pick what lvl 4 tripods we want because thats essentially the same thing with less steps.

Theoretically the price should get slightly lower every time a trade is used up as it loses a bit of it’s value so every step of the way someone trades a bit of gold for those tripods, but that obviously wont always be the case. Maybe people just aren’t fully aware of the system yet or prices haven’t stabilized.

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The tripod items have a trade limit and pheons attached.

Once it exceeds its limit its unsellable.

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I’m just done entertaining you, man. Keep the tears flowing over having to learn a system. You’ve got it figured out.

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so the point of this thread is just for flex then? noted

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So you used IT and nö you complain about IT so Everbody Else than you get fkd?:joy:

Pheons aside (Which are nothing btw) your saying that 3 people getting BiS tripods for free, and then the item never selling again because no one is going to buy an item and pay gold when they could do the same thing and get it for free. doesnt feel unintentional or like a bug? that literally gets rid of the entire point of a level system on tripods.

learning a system? this is literally the opposite of what the system is designed to be. but okay have a good day.

Its not like you can get every tripod level 4 this method, most likely one on each piece so only 6 out of 18

i have 9/18 from this trick alone.