@roxx or @seawolf come here please, CORRECT the prices on the store [BRAZIL]

This is not the same topic that i create before Can we get some transparency please [about reduce shop prices for LA servers]

I am not talking about regionalize today (but this is still a important thing to all people in the world)

I am here to ask you if we can get a correction of the prices?

We are paying 556,99 Reais Brasileiros for the $99 USD pack

But the real price is 469,50 ~ 470 reais brasileiros.

So in the end we’re paying $16 more for packages than any other server. I’m just here to ask you to fix this, IT’S NOT ABOUT REGIONALIZING (this thread still continues, but not in this thread)

@Roxx @Seawolf I’m counting on you to formulate formal feedback and send it to the devs. Thank you very much.



Even if this thread wasn’t about regionalizing, it should, in part, be about regionalizing.

Purchase power in BR/Latin America does not equate to purchase power in US/NA. There should be some sort of transparent explanation to state why these store prices are different to NA store and why (if it’s a final decision) to not regionalize pricing in SA Servers.

I hope all my southern hemisphere friends get some sort of recognition and answer.


thanks for the comment.

yes, we know this is a big concern, but I didn’t want to focus on it in this thread, @Roxx replied that at the moment there are no plans for that, unfortunately. But our fight continues, we will not give up on this. Amazon is a big company, and it is aware of the purchasing power of Brazilians and other countries, so much so that currently all of its products are regional (new world, prime video, twitch subscription), except lost ark, and we don’t know why. .

for now I just wanted them to correct the value, we are paying 16% more than the other servers. We are paying $16 more on the $99 package (Estamos pagando 556 reais no pacote que deveria ser 470 reais se fizermos a conversão direta). If they could start correcting this, it would already be a big step forward.

So AGS, correct this please.

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@Linessah I totally support you :heart:


The main problem with making them region specific (especially through steam) is that there is literally nothing stopping me (a non-brazilian) from buying at brazil prices, I pay 2% or whatever conversion fee to my bank, and buy 5 or 10x the amount of gems.

steamdb.info for instance specifically has a tool to check for regional pricing to buy games for cheaper.

That is because of the varying rates of your currency with USD. AGS fixed a certain value at the time of determining the cost of the pack and I don’t think they will change it along with the variation of currency values.

This just means that the value of Brazil reais has dropped since when AGS set the price.

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Yes, we know, but the dollar dropped a lot here, it dropped more than 20% (From 5,60 to 4,65) . this is the reason for the topic. If it were a simple variation, I wouldn’t have create this topic.

As if our price not being regionalized wasn’t bad enough, we even have to pay MORE than 1st world countries that earn 5 to 6 times more than us for the same product. Please Amazon, do something about this!


@Roxx @Seawolf this don’t make sense. Please do more atrention to this trend. We need help.

AGS, lost ark are losting the playerbase everyday and one reason is the price abusive in some countries. Do something about this

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Also, please merge South America servers already, there are many dead servers.

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They should at least update the prices…but the real issue persists…
Regional prices should be implemented, if AGS really wants the game to thrive in South America.

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Can you stop bootlicking and begging to spend money?



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