@roxx or @seawolf come here please, CORRECT the prices on the store [BRAZIL]


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Agreed that regional prices should be applied once SA servers don’t interact with NA or EU servers, so it makes no difference for other regions.

Well, I remember they said something about wanting regionalization on launch, but removed because of how easy would be to exploit on other regions.

Don’t think SA players should be punished for potential exploiters as I don’t think we should remove AH, trade and mail just because of bots.


yep, we don’t know what they are thinking about it now


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It’s been addressed.

" This is not the same topic that i create before Can we get some transparency please [about reduce shop prices for LA servers]

I am not talking about regionalize today (but this is still a important thing to all people in the world)"

@MorriganGrey read the topic again, this is not about the same thing oh this topic, ^^

If they don’t care enough to make the prices reasonable for the SA economy, what makes you think they’ll change exchange rates?

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what? So should I just shut up and accept to pay $116 for the $99 package?

Congratz, you are amazing.

Do you think snark is going to help your case?

if me and my community keep quiet, definitely not. LOL

so we can’t ask for fair prices, or correction of values?

Dude, this isn’t about you and your region, what’s the point of wasting your precious time on this? Wow, it’s really hard to understand people like you. Fortunately most foreigners showed support for the previous topic’s cause.

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You are intent on fighting with me and I don’t know why.

It’s dumb to ask for a reduction of $116 to $99 when nobody can afford either price. They’ll lower the price and claim it’s all fixed when what you really need is a price more like $20 US. But that’s fine. Go ahead and give them a good opening to take advantage of. Like you said, why should I care?

Do you think that reducing the value, for whatever the price, will not affect anything? the reduction would be 100 reais.

For a country where the minimum wage is 1200 reais, this is almost 10%.

But go ahead, and keep putting caveats on threads like this, about a region you’re not a part of, and you won’t be affected by any changes.

Waste your precious time being the annoying guy who wants to mess things up.


At least stop misgendering me. It’s rude.


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lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

thanks <3

Please @Roxx Take a look at this, Brazil has some serious economic issues and we’re paying more than any other region, That doesn’t make any sense. If guys don’t want to regionalize the prices at least use the right conversion.

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This is a serious topic, obviously paying in USD plus having disadvantaged exchange rates etc gives the player base the worst scenario to support the game and to use the in-game store to progress, yet looks like the CMs didn’t give the proper attention to this thread, this is too bad, start to thinking if they really deserve their players

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