Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension

Good morning Roxx,

As you can read in multiple other posts, today’s maintenance enforced an unfair 3-day suspension wave on hundreds (maybe thousands) of honest players.

I am retired, play this game every hour of my day and reached 650 hours over the last 36 days (18 hours/day). Please have in mind that a great percentage of that play time corresponds to endless queues and leaving the game on until being kicked and Steam still counting the time as play time.

Never received any item in mail, I play alone and swipe to get items from the in-game shop when I need something.

I feel this suspension as very unfair, especially because I dedicate all my time to play Lost Ark and I now feel betrayed by AGS for doing nothing against ToS.

Please talk with your management and solve this very unhappy occurrence.



its just sad that the ban wave mostly got the f2p grinders who bust their butts everyday 15h+ to catch up


I have 600+ hours and I am not f2p. I will not say how much, but I have spent a lot of money in the ingame shop. Also got a 3 day for “cheating”

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well its not just f2p players … I invested some little money (not a whale not even a dolphin more of a guppy) but I added up some 550+ hours as well trying to compensate the huge pay to progress faster advantage by just playing more than the average whale or streamer and now got suspended and upon asking for detailled reasons getting lousily google-translated emails containing global-galactic crap about playing fair etc. Asking again for add. information to avoid those things in the future just ended in snappy responses of the company that set its target to be the “most customer friendly company of the world…” yeah acting like a little dictator and punishing ppl asking for details will get you there … at least in the polls of people that want to keep playing for sure

Same here, gold founder only, 579 hrs, did an unhealthy amount of chaos dungs to push ilvl and apparently that for amazon is cheating, what a fucking joke.


and it is not just some suspensions. a lot of people also got unfairly banned like me…
i beg you to help us from this nightmare i play this game everyday… but not today. i am already having withdrawls

Same here, got banned for no reason - i play a lot - i report every bot i see, plz solve this issue quick.

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and just gotta point it out. if it is not fixed today. that is a major loss for people like me barely in tier 2…

no dailies…
no login event and those reset…
no anything today… no farming or honing… just a day of getitin nothin and falling behind

sorry for all the posts. i will wait now. just had to voice my opinion

same here 700hours playtime. sometimes i farmed in front of my laptop in my bed and felt asleep :confused:
what a pitty amazon if i could not stream it today i will switch to another game.
please fix so i can stream it in 4 hours…

Basically we got screwed. Not only we have hard time to hone in tier 3 we just got free 3 days off from getting mats that could push us in tier 3 I love whats happening…

Amazon… Pleas dont destroy so good game which is the first one since 10 years I fking ENJOY ALOT!!!

Maybe its time to quit the game


Yeah Im thinking about it. Already took good portion of my life hahaha

ill say it… i spent 3 weeks and now its all just gone… at least for now. i dont ever want that feeling again

yea you prob were close to playin argos and 1370 content like me…missing out on those is a massive set back as you need weeks to get argos gear…you get 30 crafting mats and wep=20 and gear=12 per part

I will probably quit if they don’t rectify this somehow. I spent a few hundred on founders packs and the vanquisher pack, and some from the ingame store, all to be banned for no reason? 3 days…I mean I can find something else to do for three days, it’s mostly about the fact that that it’s for nothing. I don’t wanna continue to invest time and support a game, that suspended my account for nothing.


i feel ya,on top of grinding for 15h+ you also spent money…this shouldnt be okay…but i doubt that they have a solution or answer…as you can see its been 5h+ and no repond from CM or any info on why we got banned…

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Have you guys seen this?
Basically being banned for hitting the in game afk timer that they allow us to set.


The main problem here is that the TRUST bond between AGS and customers is broken due to these unfair suspensions.

When TRUST is broken almost never is restored…


I got caught in the botwave too, i’m completely free2play except for buying the omen skin because Booba on my wardancer.
Got 560h clocked of which most are actual gametime, i managed to hit 1369 with one piece left to go form +14 to +15. Already at 60% artisans energy so i can do it today.

Now however i will have to do it on the last day when prices will spike and i might not have the gold for it, im royally pissed off. Also after that i will have to clear oreha hardmode and Argos in a very small timeframe.

If you guys have the time, we will get unbanned at 1:00 in the morning tomorrow. So if you dont have work tomorrow you could do the dailys at night before reset in order to not fall further behind.
Anyways, i hope this will get resolved over the course of the day, but seeing ASG’s capacity to handle problem i very much doubt that this will happen.

Best of luck to you all


@Sandovall please help