Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension

I was online too when i got kicked.

I do not even think AGS will do anything but wait until suspension ends on our account.
They are just hoping people will forget this.


Got suspended while doing my infinite chaos dungeon. yesterday at around 1 am. What a dumb company, whoever thought that suspending ppl with x amount of gametime or x amount of afk time , to fight botters is a dumbass and needs to be fired

Kinda hard to forget about this when we still have no clue how this happened to begin with. We don’t even know how to avoid this either.

Maybe if Asmondgold starts talking about it, they might look into it…sadge times

He talked a bit about it today

We really need to have some top streamers talking about this.

Same here.
If we continue playing, we will always play in the fear that we will be suspended by no reason som time.

After a day I can play normally but it doesn’t matter anymore

I will continue to appeal to prove my innocence. I hate it when even one of the 400 Discord friends suspects me.

The sheer amount of incompetence from AGS is baffling, all they had to do was manage the game, dont screw around to much and communicate with people. And that is even too hard.

Yet here im sitting 420+ hours in, not even getting a response when i send a ban appeal, all they do is send automated spam replies.

At this rate the game will be at 1-200k players next month. You can already see a huge downward trend in players who just plain left by looking at the steam statistics.

This is literaly New World 2.0.

Exactly this, thats why i dont want to play anymore.

that is my point, banned without know what i will be unbanned and still doing mi same gameplay, so nothing tells me i can be banned in 1 week for more than 3 days or in a 1 month permanently

is totally silly, and still no answer.

I know the feeling , I have am a guild master on Kadan EU , i dont know all the people in the guild personaly , i know some who i have been playing and streaming the game on discord non stop but the other they might think i`ve cheeted and that is annyoing as hell .

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The issue is alot think & believe that you will never get banned for nothing.
I never used any gold trading or boosting, AFK script, even i was reporting that & helping low level palyers for free.

And the worst part is the people pointing fingers at the actual banable offenses not taking into account that this is a major issue that could happen to them at any given time. We need some clarity over this mess or it’s just doomed to repeat itself over and over.

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Biggest lie of the century.

The absolute worst thing about this is there is absolutely ZERO acknowledgement or communication about this issue, and it’s nearing a whole DAY without a single word or peep from any official Amazon source.

Sending Tickets/Appeals are useless; they just send the same Copy/Paste and tell you to STFU and accept the fact that you “cheated” and to not bother them again. What’s the point of even having the appeal system if they’re just going to send the same response to everybody?

They don’t want to admit they fucked up and banned tons of Legit Accounts and just let the old news die off in a few days without consequences.


Yes. We need transparency here.
I reported RMT players and Gold buyers everyday. They never get banned.

bouta put in a bbb complaint

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Yeah the bots & gold seller still playing.

Roxx is about to reply shhh