Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension

A simple"we are looking into it" or any info would’ve been great!!but we get the usual"no answer"
i lost my abyssal dung ticket when i hit T2 3 weeks ago…and their solution was we will try to fix however no compensation will be given.

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wait r they saying we got a 3 days ban for afk?thats nxt lvl

This is ridiculous. I’ve contacted AGS several times, took 5 times to get things rolling. I have a ticket open pending review from a human. I killed some bots on my way to atlas vendors, I sold off some engravings, some orhea stones, caldar stones and other random stuff. i bought about 10,000-15000 guardian stones tier 1 and maybe idk like 8k destruction stones from the profits of my engravings. and boosted my tier 1 alts to tier 2.

Ticket id : V541812354

at least u got a ticket id

i also got caught in the bot banwave for being a f2p and playing too much
gj amazon

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That’s what I’m reading it as. I got banned after taking a nap and leaving my game on. So It’s a combination of playing 500+ hours and being afk til the afk thing kicks us.

something is not quite right…ive played 550h+ but only got kicked once like 2 weeks ago

The hell? That’s not right. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox you two may want to look into this, your ban algorithm sucks.


My god, this was the last thing on my list of things that could have triggered a ban. I forgot to close the game before i went to sleep and I’m banned, no auto-disconnect for inactivity, nothing, just sit there all night paying to heat the room and get a ban and they don’t even have the power to reverse it?

I don’t get the 3 days… this looks more like a 24h suspension for me. Something is completely wrong.

2022-03-15 11_52_26-LOST ARK (64-bit, DX11) v.

This leaves a bitter aftertaste. No matter how much money you’ve spent (or not), you should at least be able to expect, “You performed the following action on xx.xx.2022 at xx:xx, this violates our TOS. If you do not agree with this, please contact us we will check your information…”

What I got is a meaningless message that I am a cheater…


@roxx @shadow_fox


Im free at 1:03 i think somthing got crazy wrong, thats the reason why they dont reply.

can we change the title to auto ban/suspension. some got banned some got suspended for days… and alot of people means something is def up. i really hope i get to play tonight

If Roxx is located in the US he/she is still sleeping :slight_smile:

There’s also the fact that they are banning people for going afk too much? I mean I have been playing mmo’s for 25 years, and never heard of being banned for afk’ing. Sometimes I go afk and do some stuff around the house or something and leave the game running assuming I will make it back sooner than I do. If that’s an issue than it’s on their end for not auto booting people from server’s for being afk a few minutes, the game allows me to afk, it even has a little tag to let other people know that I am away from keyboard. I have never used an auto clicker to stay in game, cause why would I do that? My server has never had queue’s, not once have I ever had a queue to login and it’s definitely not cause I want more hours to show on my steam, cause I would hide that number if I could lol, it’s not a badge of honor.


Go AGS go! You can do it! Speedrun to kill the easiest homerun game of all time! World record! Wooooooooooo!


I guess this is AGS’ way of caring for their players, I was playing the game so much that I was falling asleep on my desk. Amazon really looking out for me telling me to take a break. Thanks Amazonians!


No trades, no mail, just played the game and not even reached Argos due to the huge wall.

There is no doubt, something is wrong. They hit the wrong button and now the honest players who put A LOT of time and some of them money, into the game are being punished.

Then we have the lack of communication from the team, which does not make any sense if they want to retain their customers.

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You might not know this but there is an achievemnt for sitting afk on your mount for x amount of time, a guildie got it the other day.

i mean lets be real…have they ever compensated any player for what he lost?!no
crystaline aura
abyss dung lock outs
false perma ban then unban after 10+ days
so far not a single player got a compensation for the things he lost even if that thing was baught with real money.