Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension

I do understand that.
However it would already be helpful if they just said “anti-cheat detected some program in the background”.
I would guess I have very few programs running in the background. Nothing I would expect to be the culprit. But maybe it is my backup software, that was scanning game data.
Or “you were reported” Okay, also an answer. Also wouldn’t know why, but thats something I can get behind.

Just having nothing is so frustrating. And now I am expecting to be banned every day. As I can not change anything, as I wouldn’t know what I did wrong.

No way I’m spending any money on this game anymore. Yeah, my ban was lifted, but that doesn’t mean it will be next time. How could I spend any money on this game if you can’t even guarantee that I won’t be banned for no reason?

Imagine less people were banned, AGS probably wouldn’t have done anything. Just got a lot of attention so they had to do something, but they’re not even addressing it. Just silently lifting bans.

I’ve accepted a lot. Long queue times, bots everywhere, inflation, rmt only getting 3 day bans. But getting falsely banned, not receiving any compensation and not even putting out a statement is too much, sorry.


I’ve not been banned in this game but I’m paranoid given I missed the founders pack by two days and had to buy the plat outfit and cat in the AH. Luckily this was before I saw the bot infestation but it still makes me uneasy.

They need to shut down any cash shop related items on the AH until they can resolve these unwarranted bans for unknowingly buying from a bot or player who refunded. Now is the perfect time, we don’t have a bunch of skins. Yes it will suck but I’m sure a ban and dealing with atrocious service sucks more.

The AFK ban is honestly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. You can get banned for playing(and supporting!) a game too much? You can get banned for using an IN GAME FUNCTION? Why even give people an AFK timer then? I’ve been playing MMO’s for seventeen years and I’ve seen some real BS but this one takes the cake.

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@Roxx I never buy any game keys or any other item from third-party sellers because I know the risks involved. I only swiped from the in-game shop through Steam to buy items from the in-game shop.

I thank you for the updates but the whole situation is really sad and my TRUST in AGS has been broken. At least I hope that AGS offers some kind of compensation for unfairly locking me away from my game time and other items I bought from Amazon.

Business is no child’s play, when customers money and time are impacted by a wrongful company decision compensation must take place.

Best regards.

Yo Jeff bro. I know you’re flying to Mars, but would you take a quick turn back to Earth for this important problem, please?


Me too, 18hr ban then lifted. I will not spend money on game bots & gold seller enjoy freely.
Even I will not report them, really i dont know what will happens to me if i spend money then banned with zero game support.

You know what’s sad? AGS is sitting by and watching as the community rips on each other :frowning: it would be nice if they at least made some sort of statement so people can stop making assumptions. Even if they are just investigating, it would be nice to see that posted somewhere official instead of being buried in a thread somewhere many people can’t see it.

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Yo Jeff bro. I know you’re flying to Mars, but would you take a quick turn back to Earth for this important problem, please?


yes, just like this! :rofl:

i need such a job like those AGS just sitting here do nothing and get payed. or do shit and dont get fired.

pls hire me amazon im good in being not productive and ignore people

Officer: “Okay, I’m going to give you a ticket. Please remember that after three tickets, you will have your driver’s license revoked.”

Driver: “I understand and try to avoid my mistake in the future. Can you please tell me what I did wrong?”

Officer: Scratches his head, lost in thought. “Oh, I just had a bad case with a truck driver who was using an illegal trailer…”

Driver: “Sir, I’m a regular driver and I don’t have a trailer. Was I speeding? Is my brake light broken? What did I do wrong?”

Officer: “If you don’t agree with my ticket, you can file a complaint…”

Driver: “Sir, with all due respect, how can I avoid my mistake in the future if I don’t know what I did wrong? If I drive off with your consent you could pull me right back over…”

Officer: “I see, one moment please…”, goes to his police car and comes back breathing heavily with a bulky folder and hands it over. “Read this son, you will find all the rules & regulations for motorcycles, trucks, special transports, cars, … - it’s all in here!”

Driver: “Sir, I still don’t know what I did wrong then…”

Officer: “I understand, but don’t be like that! It could have been worse, this is just a warning, you keep your license for the moment … and now drive on, you are blocking the road … this is against the rules.”


So what ever happened to this?

Not only is this misinfromation, since people are allowed to buy keys 3rd party. Nothing is done to help people who have had the key revoked. (I know since im one of those people)

Even though the your called “fraudulent seller” refunded my key instantly when he heard about the key being revoked.

Your support wont respond for days, emails get no reply for days and i cant even pay the amount due of what i own because of the silence treatment.

Here is another thread with the issue of someone who will probably get no response;

And another with numerous of people who cant access their account, myself included;
(This isnt my main account since you apparently also lock people out of certain sections of the forums when they recieve a ban)

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Holy crap I’m lucky I didn’t get banned. I’ve hit that timer a couple times when something called me away from the game. Isn’t the whole point of an AFK timer to disconnect you if you need to walk away?!?

They owe a loud and public apology and crystalline aura to players caught in this. That’s literally insane.

Don’t bother waiting for response for at least 10h, they are sleeping rn.

But yeah statement would be great, im tired to be called cheater everywhere i go.

Did you , by chance, go AFK but moving your mouse a couple of times an hour to prevent being Kicked many times?

Did you , by chance, go AFK but moving your mouse a couple of times an hour to prevent being Kicked many times?

I did do that a couple of times. In home office, as well as when cooking I always came back to the PC every couple of minutes. At least the first few weeks. I dont really care about being kicked anymore, as there is no queue on EUC anymore.

And got banned on this wave? I have done that a couple of times too, literally 2-3 times

yea, I have been banned yesterday. Stated 3 days, but already unbanned.
I have honesstly absolutly no clue why I was banned. No rmt, no makro using, not even weird programs running in the background. And no answer from support on that, beside, that they wont be answering to this question.

Man im really fed up to read or listen everywhere how big cheater im, if i at least cheat …

Sadly Amazon not care enough, i doubt we ever get good communication with them

They don’t have to answer why we got banned for less than 24 hours. They just need to acknowledge they made a mistake and making sure these ban waves doesn’t include so many innocent players.

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I agree, They should at the very least come out and post a public statement confirming the issue was indeed on their end, Remaining silent will just frustrate the player base much more than it already is.