Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension

that’s exactly it.
are in a guilty silence and do not publish anything, the players who tamed the 24-hour ban don’t even know the reason for what happened, and if it happens again? what is the reason? the reports of third-party keys makes no sense, because if it was activated on steam, it’s a validated key, and whoever bought it directly from Steam, as I did, what’s the reason for the ban??
we only have speculation, feedback or official publication none !!!

First things first @Roxx , thank you so much for actually acknowledging peoples messages yesterday and actually escalating this to the appropriate bodies. i have a feeling had it not been for you, all unjustified suspensions would have just had to wait it out.

I also want to apologize on behalf of the subhumans that were insulting you specifically yesterday, you are awesome.

That being said now I want to direct my frustrations to the absolute shitshow of a situation.

  • absolutly incompetent devs , that are so disconnected from reality in regards to writting a bot banning script that would target such a large range of users
  • the QA team (if any) that would release this sort of script to production without taking into consideration such basic variables as no life gamers and people who dont close the game ever ( afk has never been grounds for punishment in any game)
  • Finally the worst of all the customer service team and most importantly the idiotic partnership team that contracted such an abysmally useless customer service company ( best believe they outsourced cs to a 3rd world company and probably offered no coherent training).

Side note

Your automation system for appeals are an absolute insult to the industry.

  • spam emails
  • automated emails stating the most generic comments like: guilty! why? Just because…
  • the fact that you suspend people from posting on the forum (considering above mentioned points are incredibly useless)

I don’t care about compensation, im not a dog, I don’t need treats for being a good boy that was blamed for the wrong thing.

I am an adult, I want an apology and a promise that you will do better and that this sort of instances do not reoccur.

I absolutely love everything about this game except Amazon Games studios, you are not a competant company and I just hope Smilegate sees it in time.


I mean if 3rd party key would be wrong/rewoked or w/e it most likely would be steam ban anyway.

That would give a different reason for the ban. What we got was Reason: Cheating which is not the same that happened to those people who got banned from just buying from the auction house.

I know I’m unbanned by now but I still didn’t get a response from my ban appeal asking for why I was banned, and where is my 3 cube tickets that got stolen because i got banned during a 3x cube ticket run. No compensation and didn’t even get my tickets back from the false ban.

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I bought my copy directly on Steam, all money spent on the in game shop only. No macros, no exploits. Didn’t buy any packs from AH. Still got hit with the cheater ban. Last night got unbanned at around 6:30pm. While am glad it proves the fact I’m a genuine earnest player, can’t help but feeling weary and worried about spending another dollar, since there’s risk of getting falsely banned and accused of illegal activities again and possibly lose all my money. I’ll keep playing, but no more spending. And I was dropping 1k a month regularly.


Did you just open a web ticket?

How can I spend money on a game if I don’t know if tomorrow I will be banned again for no reason?


I sent 2 tickets right after the ban happened. Contacted chat once, left a post tagged Roxx under General. Somebody at AGS did something to advancd this to get us unbanned.

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No. The text said three days. If you actually look at the time, it was 24 hours. Pick any of the posted pictures.

No one did anything we were never banned for 3 days to begin with that’s just a error in the ban message but if u looked at the date the ban was for less than 24 hours, it was like ~18 hours suspension from the start.

The point is just because you have high hours and maybe afk quite a bit and didn’t get caught up in the ban wave doesn’t mean those two things isn’t a factor…for all we know there’s a third variable we are not seeing the others have ticked that you didn’t.

At this point especially after how NW has been handled you have to be incredibly naive to think only “scummy cheaters” are being caught up in this.

@Roxx This post here I just quoted bears repeating and reading twice. The side note in particular is the MAJOR issue with ags when it comes to appeals and the really slow turn around, and nonsense replies, when it comes to all this.


This was just posted on a thread regarding someone going to quit.

He is going through all threads about bans/suspensions and copy pasting that message.

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ahh man, no more copy pasta i got duped then lol

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i mean its somewhat of an update even thou its a entire 36 hours late


you do realize that most of you were banned for using third party softwares to stay online and avoid the auto afk client close right? lol, thats what they mean by you cheated. If you play fair like every other player and not abuse third party softwares to stay inthe game and avoid que times, than you wouldnt be in this position.

How do I know this? Had a friend also caught in this ban wave and multiple guildies, they went to amazon games live support as asked for reason for their banned and they told them they were using unauthorized software and most of them knew what they used then such as autoclickers or macros, but it seems like if you used your mouse macros you were safe from the ban waves as I intereviewed multiple guildies but if you used an software macro, you were kinda out of luck.

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You do realize that: no, we didnt?
Why would I even use software to stay online when my server didnt have the atrocious queues that europe has?

Stop immediatelly acussing people of cheating when you simply dont know.
I could also call you a liar and say that this whole “my friend is a cheater” story is fake. Right?
Suuuure you did interview a bunch of guildmates, liar.

See? How did that feel?

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im not accusing you guys of cheating lool, im just saying most people according to my guildies and friends who were caught int his ban wave were using softwares to stay online and avoid the ques.

its also a 3 day ban , all you lose is some auras, get over it you will get it back , its virtual items/progress ur losing.

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Hey everyone — first off, thank you for your patience as we sorted this out. The team has investigated this situation thoroughly, and I want to provide an update and some context for everyone.

There were a number of accounts suspended in this timeframe as a result of one of our speed hack detection programs. While almost all of these bans hit real speed hackers, it appears that the program did flag some lag/connection issues as speed hacks, which lead to a small number of player being banned as false positives.

Involved accounts should now be unsuspended, and if you were caught in this ban wave, we want you to know that there will be no strike against your account, and no repercussions. We apologize for any stress or confusion this may have caused, and we are working hard to shore up our cheating detection tools to both crack down on bots and prevent situations like this from happening in the future.