Roxx question about patch notes

I was wondering why you guys wait until the last day to release patch notes. When people are looking for clarity I feel like releasing the patch notes a day or two early would solve a lot of the problems people have.

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My personal guess would be that we get them as soon as they have them to give.

Patch becomes final, notes drawn up, sent to AGS, translated and checked, posted. That could take a couple of days. I think it’s possible once we get into a regular content cadence we’ll see earlier patch notes. Things seem tight currently.

I don’t know if anything else really releases their patch notes before making the patch live.

That’s a security risk especially if they are patching or fixing exploits. They would have to inevitably name the exploit in the patch notes, which would lead to abuse in the time between the release and the notes.

Plus, working in software myself, we generally don’t have the patch notes ready until the night before the release lol

Nothing new for me. SWTOR does patch day on Tuesdays, and we are lucky if we get the patch notes on Monday just prior to 5 p.m. (The end of the workday for devs). We figured out they do that, so they do not have to read the complaints until the following day after the patch is done p.

Nobody’s asking for the full git log, you can keep the sensitive stuff out until the fix is live :eyes:

But yeah, AGS probably gets the patch notes very late and still needs to localize them.