Roxx this is the compensation you should give us

@Roxx Give us these skins in the cash shop on Wednesday too and allow us to dye founder skins like other servers can.

the 1st year anniversary skins are kinda meh and they cant be dyed I WANT MORE SKINS

Then next year we get the 2023 Summer/halloween skins KR gets too

Win/win AGS/SG make more money and we get more skins.

I will also take 10,000 jam cookies

The battle item chest is nice Im running out of bombs so fast because im not el cheapo had to do life skills to replenish my bombs

@Roxx Make it happen and no im not mad at all and I did not change my postitive review on steam to negative like so many others did today

Just give more skins pls



Thank you

What do you do with accounts that use bugs to get pheons? They even get tens of thousands of pheons. Fair to us ordinary players? Iโ€™m really disappointed in you guys

Thats fake news thats been spreading around dont believe it, maximum someone could have gotten is 240


By the way Iโ€™m not upset, inconceived or angry in the slighest about this, I didnโ€™t recieve any pheons I was sleeping.

I know some people quit the game because of this, others ranting on YouTube, reddit, twitch and these very forums.

Iโ€™m just trying to take advantage of the situation to get us more skins :slight_smile:

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They definitely wont give us any nice looking skins, AGS is allergic to popular and good looking skins

If we somehow got skins on a short notice like this it would only show that they have the ability to add them in whenever they want and they just choose not to for FOMO

The Hero we donโ€™t deserve but we all need

Come on heroes of arkesia donโ€™t let this thread die when I wake up tomorrow I want to see it as the most viewed thread in past 24 hours, most replies in last 7 days


@Roxx Rooxxxxxx standard working hours are over but I know you still check the forums because you love what you do.

You know the saying, find what you love to do and you will never have to work again.

6 more hours until patch notes

Add legendary skins onto that list!

Give me Artist with a +9 Esther weapon and weโ€™ll call it even.

Bonus if you fix server D/Cs

they look generic garbage af that we have like 4 ingame already, can i get something else?

people here crying out for skins but really? you would still buy them and give them money after everything they f**** up? damn youre really every companys dream customers, โ€œno matter how bad we treat our customers, they still give us moneyโ€

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Instead pheons i would like they give us pack of 3 legendary books

So our compensation is spend more money on the game?

Yep isnโ€™t that brilliant