@Roxx where are the power passes?


any eta on when powerpasses will be back?

ty for responding if you get the chance <3

yeah I used mine but it’s nowhere. I just hope it will still be usable, or be available on the pass screen when they fix the issue

They said several times they are disabled for now, it has some problem. Use the forum search please.

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There is no eta for when powerpasses will return in any post on the forums at the time I’m responding to your post… Why are you telling OP to search for something that does not exist?

Because there is several topics this 2 days for the same thing. If they know when will be ready Roxx will tell us. It’s expensive shop item after all, they will not keep the info for them. Probably they will fix it with the next weekly patch.

I understand now. For future reference, try to be more accurate with how you word your sentences. It’s clear now that what you meant was for OP to search for topics relating their original post rather than creating a new topic already discussed. I completely agree with that.

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