@Roxx Will South Vern Field Boss drop relic gear

In Kr, South Vern Field boss has special mechanic such that

below 1415 = legendary gear only
1415 = legendary & relic gear
1445 = also drops chaos stone
1460 = relic gear only

Will the south vern field boss has the same mechanic when it is released?


No because it’s not actually releasing, lol.


Probably yeah

lol, they just changed it, we wont get the field boss nor the chaos gate

I think it will most likely. It gives whales or even baby whales/dolphins a very good reason to hone to 1460 without waiting for the patch next month. It’s win win, each side gets what is desired.

EDIT: just saw the updated notes, looks like no field boss

BTW, I hope this is not the “critical issues” they were talking about in the last minute sending out the initial delay notice lol

The South Vern Chaos Dungeons, Field Boss, and Chaos Gate will be added in a future update, when more players have reached the minimum item level required to participate (1415).

So basically we just get the empty shell of the continent for now where we get to spam G while talking to new NPC’s and kill some new trash mobs.


Bro, your tome you can’t even finish?

Basically, what ‘players’ asked for yes; to delay Valtan level content. I mean of course they should have known it includes all this and even the conveniences that makes it easier on players who are behind; not just a single Legion raid.


So basically south vern is nothing more than a joke is what you’re trying to say :joy:

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I’ve said nothing! I simply highlighted what they themselves said!

Soon Vern: content coming soon… :grinning:

good discision

I don’t know. I guess not because we can’t beat the Field Bosses in that region.

Bro, you can’t even finish your tome?