@Roxx Will there be server lock for new players?

Hello, I’ve been wondering for some time if there’s a chance that popular servers will get locked out for new players that will be joining us later in the game.

On KR basically what happens is that if you haven’t created a single character on the specific server and the server gets too full, you will be unable to create any character on that server.

So let’s say you join highly populated server and your friend wants to join on 13th, but he can’t because he haven’t created any character on your server before, resulting in that you have limited options playing together.

I would appreciate any information regarding this topic @Roxx, if this is a thing here also and when you expect that to happen if it is. Thank you.

I’m also worrying about this, since Valtan gonna be crowded af, hopefully my friends who didn’t buy founder pack will able to play when the server open to public

Valtan going to get absolutely hammered.

I would be very surprised if NA/EU didn’t have this. Servers are going to be hammered.

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Hope there is a lock.