Roxx, you are actively lying about what happend today

I was at work and could not even collect the ones send.

Anyway, why should I use an exploit? Why should I even try to do?

If the exploit is fixed share what happened transparency if you’re claiming something players are disproving matters. Right now it’s he said she said and who would trust anyone from AGS’s word right now when you just held a 5hr DT to pick pocket players who didn’t get a discord ping to wake up at 1am US or 8am EU on a Monday morning to get theirs.

Btw before the ‘hardly anyone benefited comes out’ I literally had 2 people I play with get 140 and 160 pheons respectively and that’s not a small amount of advantage your talking literally 25-35k gold worth of pheons alone and this doesn’t account for the battle items and card packs.

Meanwhile my bozo ass has to spend my last 840 blue crystals on pheons to finish my tripods before the update comes out as planned…really feels like shit.

So that’s why you are sad. Don`t worry. There will be more in the future :slight_smile:

Not sad at all about the pheons at all. The cards is what I would like to have.

There will be more.

Still it does not change my mind about people exploiting or trying to do.

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Cards were “any card pack”. Same like the weekly ones from ship … those are s**t packs and only 1 card pack/character.

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this part is actually for lots of thing, and for me, one of them is this pheon confusion
thanks for apologizing to the community @Roxx

The thing is, if there was a maintenance to fix that exploit, and you’ve fixed it cuz otherwise the server wouldnt be live rn, why not telling what the exploit was? Ppl are going to think amazon is just lying to them.

Enough is enough, over week and still no fix patch for constant disconects but to “fix” free peons “gifts” we have instant maintenance? im sick of this, love game but quit untill peons disapear! Peace!!

Since you fixed the exploit, when can we expect the deleted emails to come back so the rest of the players can get their pheons and other rewards?


its nice u are compensating players for downtime, still same BIG question tho: when to expect pheons that other players didnt get ?


Hey folks, we should have an update on compensation ideally this afternoon. We are looking into ways to make the pheons gained feel fair as best as possible, but are still working across teams on a solution that works for everyone.

Additionally, as this seems to be a continued topic of discussion, I will again confirm that there was an exploit in the game that allowed some players to abuse the pheons from yesterday’s mail; we saw this on multiple accounts. I see a lot of folks asking for proof, but we will not be writing out each step that was required to perform this exploit – even as this is fixed, it is not a great idea to spread information or steps to repeat exploits should something similar arise in the future. Doing so introduces way too much risk.


Just a question, the compensations will be for everyone or just for those that not reclaimed the pheons or the boxes?

dont think they have the technology to see who claimed it and who didn’t so I assume it will be for everyone otherwise they would’ve rolled it back during the maintenance

Any word on the server stability fixes?

A lot of D/C’s are still happening and making it hard to play and enjoy the game.

if this true then ban these account… That easy to do because as you already said you know what account did this exploit. Simple as that.

“Feel fair”

Player A was online during the 4hr window and got 120 pheons and now they get the compensation pack too.

Player B wasn’t online and had his unclaimed pheons in the mail deleted and only gets the compensation pack.

This doesn’t feel very fair.

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What about the disconnects that happen to the majority of players and make the raids unplayable when we have to restart due to 2-3 players your servers kick out?

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So, if this exploit is the reason that led to the server shutdown, why did you cancel the mail for players that couldn’t claim it? If the mail and its rewards were intended to be sent to everyone, and the sole reason for the maintenance was this exploit, then why didn’t you just fix the exploit and let people who couldn’t claim the mail get their rewards after the servers came back online?


how can they lie when they don’t know the truth. They probably don’t even play the game as much as we do or at all.
Lets not be disrespectful towards the only people that actually try to communicate with us when they aren’t given factual information themselves.