Roxx, you are actively lying about what happend today

how can they lie when they don’t know the truth. They probably don’t even play the game as much as we do or at all.
Lets not be disrespectful towards the only people that actually try to communicate with us when they aren’t given factual information themselves.

then what is stopping you from removing the pheons gained by the exploit? since you obviously are able to track it, or are you encouraging us to exploit in the future?

Guess the arising problems is that people tend to trust companies more often that wont fuck them over. If you do it multiple times there is no way people would believe that there was an exploit (even tho thousands of people tried to replicate it and it just wouldnt work) without proof - and rightfully so.

And even if we are talking about an absolute miniscule amount of accounts that abused this there is so much confusion this led to emergency maintenance withoin hours while the fucked up servers since wednesday still didnt get adressed at all.

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People still believes this is true or might be true?

SAMPLE 1: we have a few people exploiting this mistake, what do we do?

OPTION A: we ban the 1% exploiters and even advocate for us keeping an eye on things to let players know we arent sleeping

OPTION B: we close servers to 99% playerbase, and after 7 hrs decide not only to not do anythinf at all, but to keep exploiters safe.

That said, are they lying? Really? Do you need someone to lace your shoes and feed ya or what lmao

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You wont find any logic in their answers.

Can’t wait for my 3 combat chests, 10 pheons and 1 card pack as compensation.


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Nah mate gotta wait after the 12 hrs maint tomorrow, so they can send this compensation as for both this and the upcoming fuckup and spare at least half the items on top lol

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What does that even mean? Feel fair?

People hot pheon people spent them happily. Thats overly fair and besides yall think any of them give a damn bout fair feelings? Lol

What you should focus on are the one whose mails got removed and, unlike the poor souls in need of fairness, got nothing. Actually they did get a special gift, 7 hrs downtime in which nothing was done, hence unneeded. What about these ones , they dont need to feel fair since they got nothing aside wasted time? Lmao

Oh really? You dont mention banning them. Since when exploiting bugs is allowed by the tos? Id say pretty much since u stopped publicizing 1m bots as real players, gave a cleanup, and forgot about rmt. Before that i would see 1m gold lv1 gems for sale. Now they are a lot more but at 4/5 m each.

You wont give out detAils? You arent giving anything out? No decent services, no communication, no trusthworthyness,no peons, no bans, no proper compensations nor proper apologizes. Nor the truth.

You wont detail it? We re entitled to keep rolling those absymal steam ratings till the avg is 2, on top of closing the wallet flow. Maybe you ll change your mind.

You all are completely out of the scope. Yiu cant even understans when to be honest and when keep upholding a lie. Welp you havent been smart since day 1 so i guess its what it is.

Peace, cant wait to see you delay tomorrow patch by 6 hrs then give out a single compensation of 2 elixirs to cover this and that mess. Ima save this reply for tomorrow respost

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Bro take a chill pill. Its a game and she is only doing her job. I actually like the communication why they decided to shut down the servers.
I also got mad that we got scammed out of pheons for working all day and posted about it, but since then they apologized and announced that they are working on a fair compensation. What more do you want?
I don’t get your attitude, that you are owed answers. You are owed a working fair game as a paying customer, but not internal data on whats happening.

I dont.

Given the same rights, i agree to disagree. Go leave a positive feedback bout the game and the way it s administered by the employees, i could care less :slight_smile:

vulnerability disclosure is a standard process of any piece of reputable software and at this point where nobody trusts the word of AGS, one must tread incredibly carefully.

there are a few scenarios of what caused the automatic mail

  1. somebody sent a mail to every active character. this is non-exploitable as it is a manual mailing process
  2. the weekly maintenance last week included a hidden condition that would trigger the mail at a specific point in time. again this is a one time mailing and non-exploitable
  3. the same as 2 except the mail is triggered at any point in time after a set time. this hidden condition must be activatable by any character resting in trixion. perhaps there is an exploit to trigger this condition after leaving trixion but it is not so believable that only “some players” could use this exploit and not have the method leak out
  4. a client side condition that triggers the server to send a mail. this is the most exploitable scenario but also the least probable way smilegate would implement anything.

perhaps i missed something but these are the four most likely methods of sending out this mass mailing and each case is either non-exploitable or highly unlikely that only “some players” would be able to exploit

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you’re completely right, BUT imagine owning up to this.

I’ll just add this…there were COUNTLESS exploits in New World and NOT ONE was left a mystery. As soon as they were discovered, everyone seemed to know. People love bragging about that kinda stuff for some reason. So yeah, there was no exploit.

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I realized this shortly after posting, Correct it is indeed possible to delete characters right away under a certain ILVL

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