@Roxx You guys have just funded botters and people who use bots for the distant future

By releasing relic accessories as tradeable any bots, or just people who use botting software, have just made an absolute fortune and will probably be able to fund their characters to max level. Gold sellers must be celebrating.

Can I ask why you guys didn’t block this easily predicted problem that people have been mentioning for weeks?


They were able to do this with legendary accessories too, didn’t really see much of an impact then for the 3 months weve had. I think people really overexaggerate the impact this makes on the economy. Im not defending it, it’s completely wrong and disingenuous, but it doesnt really change the economy of accessory prices, etc. All it really results is people who are botting forcing themselves to undercut eachother till they become more reasonably affordable for average playerbase.


sounds like a good cause ngl, spec the last part. imagine if we only had hardcore harold selling 4 accessories for 5mil gold, kekw moment
lowkey feel like bots are the saving grace of this game cause they dont let whales trash the market completely like in many games

Did you even try to exchange yet before talking lol? I have exchanged all I saved and not getting even a single good roll. It’s not as easy as you’re thinking.

pff yeah they are soo nice that u don’t wanna an mmorpg , or playing with anybody , or have any trading … soooo finetuned

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Why am i getting a sense of exaggeration?

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Found the RMTer.

It does get to a point where greasy players trying to rinse people at gouged rates make people glad to buy from a botter.

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for all these bot defenders … for what do u even need a market if ur happy with boying gold from bots , and buying with it cheap items … wouldn’t it be better if there is no market and u can buy ur stuff at fixed prices from vendors ?

the free version of Infinite chaos script leaked to public just few weeks ago, on top of that for Argos release legit players had yet no idea that AGS will just give a pass to RMT/bots like this

but now? i see 1430+ ppl with 120+ roster levels just afk boting in South Vern overnight, they just found out nobody gives a shit.

That actually sounds really nice. I heard that the Hell mode allows players to equip whatever engraving they want and freely allocate stats. I am looking forward to that. It would be nice if they extend that feature to all modes.

No more frustration with trying to buy items to optimize character and worrying about spending an arm and leg with already small amount of gold I have.

Quit the game if you don’t like bots i guess cuz AGS won’t do anything about it.

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Building a character with limited resources is half the fun in this game. Adding too much convenience and normalization kills games. There plenty of precedents for this like the PvP templating in WoW during Legion. Everybody was like “Oh wow, finally PvP will be balanced and fun!”. Then 1 season later every PvPer was on suicide watch because the templates sucked and gear not mattering made arena even more boring than it already was.

“You think you do, but you don’t” isn’t always a wrong statement.

Dude, everybody quit already. No one cares about relics or raids. Without bots there wouldnt even be listings.

Right, because botters are there to help the charity cases and not because they’re there for the sole purpose of maximizing gold gain in order to sell back to people like you. If there was ever a post that exposed someone as a likely RMTer, this is it.

Its sad but like this first idiot replying to the thread, we have a bunch of “people” who actually support rmt and cheaters ruining things for legit players.

All the idiots supporting anything benefitting rmt should be permabanned with the rest of the cheaters/botters.

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You dont get 120 roster level overnight, even if you farmed infinite chaos.

Yeah because the 60% of active players who are over 1415 are dead and can’t use the AH.
When Argos was released people got mad at Amazon for them not being able to satisfy their FOMO and couldn’t profit off Argos accessory selling.
Then Amazon delayed Valtan for an entire month, letting SOME botters to get to 1445 and also MOST of the active players to get to 1415, to be able to “enter the content on release” as they please. But now they are complaining that they couldn’t sell shit worth a damn.
This community is so entitled it’s insane.

At what point did I say anything about lowered prices. I said that the people who botted and saved up tons of materials were able to trade it in and likely make a fortune.

On what is it based that the accessories are sold by bots?

I mean, looking at the EUC market place, a lot of the top stat/engr/engr combinations have literally 0 listings with 0 historically sold, and some have 1 list, where the price is 125k for that piece, zero ever sold.

Looks perfectly natural.

Obviously not all of them are, and it’s not just bots. I’ll say it again “PEOPLE” who botted, as in players who after seeing how risk free it is and decided to do it themselves. Just because you don’t sell a bis accessory, doesn’t mean you can’t sell 20 moderately good ones. They’ve been doing this for weeks and maybe months. Who know how much infinite chaos mats they saved up.

All it took to prevent it was making chaos dungeon vendor stuff untradeable. Which honestly, would probably do more damage to bots than anything they’ve done so far.