@Roxx You guys have just funded botters and people who use bots for the distant future

They are most likely won’t reply to threads regarding with bots software or infinite chaos dungeon.

If they will, their response will be very general such as. “please refer to our previous response “Regarding about bots” or say " its on going fight against bots.”

So either way, we will see in a couple months see what they implement to the game system.
if they ban alot of legit players using BOT/Infignite chaos dungeon #Chaosclickers.
they probably lose tremendous amount of player ranging from china? kekw

However, we will see in the couple of months. let’s see how they fight against it. If no solutions or what so ever. It just proofs that they can’t fix or detect the software.

which makes certain players more BOLD to use it because… “LOOK SG/AGS CAN’T CATCH THEM WITH EZ ANTI CHEAT”

good luck ags/sg

what are you talking about? check the steamcharts there hasnt been much bot activity since the update… if relic price crashed then its absolutely natural

I just don’t like how easily it could have been avoided and how all the people who threw away their integrity are making off like bandits.

Based on what do you think there’s an army of high ilvl players who bot chaos dungeons?

I find that an extremely strong claim, because I’m in a high ilvl guild, and no one would touch a bot with a ten foot pole - everyone knows AGS is going to, sooner or later, mass ban whoever bots (by the player numbers, it looks like that happened yesterday), and high ilvl typically comes with high time played. No one wants to lose their account to earn a bit more gold by running a bot.

When did I say “army”? Even if it is ten people, it still could have been 0 making profit just by making chaos dungeon vendor stuff untradeable.

If it is ten people, then they have precisely 0 impact on the marketplace overall, and screwing over the remaining 99.9999% of the player base (by making it impossible to earn some extra gold by running extra chaos dungeons), is senseless.

That’s about as logical as banning cars because sometimes, someone dies in a car accident.

because they are “normal” players botting now. These are not some Chinese throwaway accounts, just regular players botting in downtime, just like large portion of Infinite chaos bots in 1400+ were actually people botting on main accounts.
No fear of punishment, so why not

It really be like that, it just proofs that AGS/SG “Easy Anti Cheat system” is very easy to bypass :smiley:

Why do yall always @Roxx ? She has ZERO input on what they add to our patches or how they do it. Stop ating her she is only a messenger and one they throw under the buss often with misinformation or changed info. ating her will do nothing she has no power, no say. All she can do is ban or mute your dumbass in the forums…

:rofl: :rofl:

You aren’t reading at all are you?

I actually feel very bad for community managers like Roxx having to deal with these kind of threads when the answer already is given.

All the accessories at 100,000+ gold are being sold right now needed to be top notch in term of stats and engraving because everyone isn’t uninformed like before during Argos patch. The chances of getting a good one from a vendor is basically like looking at the next full moon.

They announced the Valtan patch a few weeks back as well and players are free to farm. I personally farmed in my free time and I got nothing that is close to being good enough to sell. If you were lazy or chose to spend your time on something else, that’s your problem.

It’s actually true some players just prefer to complaints all day instead of playing, especially in a game where nothing they do affect you personally. I mean we even received auto farm at stronghold now - so basically even gathering materials are self-sufficient.

But if you had a bot running chaos dungeon 24/7 your chances are significantly higher…

I don’t know why your defending botting, this should be a no-brainer for everyone. its annoying that amazon doesn’t take a harder stance on it.

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truee @Roxx

Objection, speculation.


Objection, leading.

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Objection, hearsay

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Which part is defending the bot? You meant I defend our community managers against useless threads and harassment threads like this?

Never mind the fact that they have consistently answered about the issue - it’s being worked on and it is a continuous fight.

I will repeat once more it is from my experience exchanging of 2 weeks farmed, I received nothing from it. Saying there is a higher chance to get 100,000 gold accessories is somehow going to break the market is just wrong.

Even if they do have that many bots at tier 3 to farm chaos dungeon, those accessories wouldn’t stay at 300,000+ gold. It would be much cheaper. Again, people who played to Valtan isn’t your uninformed type of players like in Argos patch.

Lastly, I did stated whatever they’re doing doesn’t affect me on a personal level because the game isn’t rushing me to have x or y. Sooner or later I will make my engraving or upgrade them. If anything I find it hilarious some would pay 100,000 for those accessories now.

Your 2 weeks farming can’t be compared to someone using bots non stop for hours on end. Also, why you keep bringing up breaking the market I don’t understand. What I said is that they just made tons of gold.