Royal crystal bug?

I notice that my balance of royal crystal changes when in Mari’s Shop vs the currency exchange tab. Today when transferring gold to blue crystals i notice in my system tab that for some reason it had taken all of my royal crystals and then returned it to me. Makes me a little nervous since I have only used my royal crystals for skins. Also the free amount of royal crystals does not show in the currency exchange tab which is fine however I only have gotten royal crystals from founder packs and since then have bought 2 skins. Should that balance not already have been zeroed out and my full balance be available to me?

Its diferent from Shop and Currency exchange, because u cant use the extra royal crystal they gave to us from founders pack to convert in to gold.

I get that but since i have already used close to 6k for skins after getting the free crystals, should the 1400 free crystals already be used? Should they not be used first in the shop?

i too am having the issue where new crystals are spent before the old ones.

I have also the same issue. The funny thing is that I currently have 1494 of free royal crystals left, which is impossible to spend every free royal crystal due to the current item prices in the shop.