Royal Crystals dissapeared from shop

I had 3400 royal crystals dissapear from the shop and they are stuck at 0 since the Thursday update. Relogging/etc doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any other people running into this issue as well?

I have. Amazon support was less than helpful. any luck on your end?

Nope. Support hasn’t done shit…

Me too and is only small player base that have this, but i already told them in live chat and they know that is game error so we will need to wait a patch :frowning:

But there is some guides on steam to try turn on and off steam overlay and reinstaling steam to start work again you can try it until is fixed.

I have the same issue. i lost 3400 royals. apperently a chargeback was issued ( which I didnt do ) and they removed the royal crystals as a consequence of that. After providing some screenshot of the payment and chargeback history, support advised me to contact steam support. Atm waiting for those to respond , but it seems steam dosent understand or playing dumb. I posted this message in another thread aswell

I definitely didn’t issue a chargeback and these crystals were from the founders pack. After I contacted amazon support they said to wait 3-5 business days on Sunday so I assume this means weekly reset. Usually they do maintenance on weekly reset so hopefully they add a fix.

Don’t you get permad for chargebacks? They might be bsing you.

I’m not banned. so idk!