Royal crystals gone using bifrost teleport

So i encountered a wierd bug of some sort where my royal crystals got charged for using the bifrost teleport system it was supposed to just use 20 blue crystals instead because i had a cooldown period but it charged 7000 royal crystals and 20 normal blue crystals whats up with that customer support seems to be completely oblivious and keeps giving me the standard answers do an integrity check and triport teleport is free because crystaline aura but i DID NOT use triport teleport but BIFROST so what now im lost no idea how this is going to get resolved

i have same problem

i up your post :slight_smile:

Accidentally payed 50 blue crystals to save a location using the Bifrost and it also said it had taken 9,900 royal crystals.

I still have the crystals when I checked the store but we’ll see if that changes tomorrow.

Any update here? Just had the same bug with 3000 Royals.

The RC gets refunded when you open F4 shop. Not a big deal. They won’t care.

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Do you still need help, sickpuppies?

Would be cool if this bug would be fixed, but I’m good thanks for asking :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you’re still having this issue. I’ll send this up to the development team ASAP.