Royal Crystals need a buff

as probably everyone is aware, Blue Crystals are becoming more and more expensive in all regions every day. This partially makes sense since we have a good bit of inflation going on which will naturally increase all prices that are tied to gold.
However, what is a problem in my eyes is the fact that Royal Crystals are just so inefficient. Currently (and this is the case for KR too) you get significantly more gold for your Royal Crystals by buying and selling skins instead of directly exchanging them for gold. This in itself is no issue but unfortunately the exchange of Royal Crystals to gold is directly tied to the price of Blue Crystals. In short: if nobody exchanges Royal Crystals to gold in the currency exchange Blue Crystals will never go down in price as there is just no supply.
Consequently, I would ask for either
A) a Buff to Royal Crystals to make them more attractive,
B) to limit the selling of skins a bit (!) to make them not completely cut out the currency exchange or
C) have ANY usage of Royal Crystals (so skins/chests/passes/etc) contribute against the price of Blue Crystals instead of only the currency exchange.
Hopefully we can make Blue Crystals more affordable this way.
Thanks for reading.

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Hi, Kai0pei. Thanks for sharing your feedback on Royal Crystals. I will be sure to get this passed along to the team for you. :slightly_smiling_face: