Royal Crystals not granted with Vanquisher Starter Pack

Purchased the Vanquisher Starter Pack, received all of the in-game item content, but did not get the 2,100 Royal Crystals with the purchase. The Vanquisher Pack was delivered to the Product Inventory and able to be claimed, but the Royal Crystals were never delivered to the Crystal portion of the store.

I opened a ticket on this with AGS Support and they responded with “Verify Integrity of Game in Steam” which did not fix the issue.

Is this part of the “Missing Premium Content and Store” on the current top issues, or is this completely unrelated and another issue? There is no mention of Crystals not being assigned in the top issues. Would like to get this resolved, that was a huge portion of the value of the pack.

Hi there @techniq , I hope you are doing great.

I believe it might be related to the ongoing issue, good news is we are currently working on a client patch.

Although, I’d personally recommend you to contact us via chat whenever you are available: Contact Us | Amazon Games

I want to be sure the content is properly registered from our end, if it is then it means we just need to wait for the current issue to be fixed , if it is not then we can request an investigation with the devs.

I hope this helps, feel free to tag me i anything.