Royal Crytals missing

Hello, I thought I might try to exchange some Royal Crystals for some gold via the Currency Exchange (952 Royal Crystals in total). Once I realised that that might be stupid I canceled the sale offer and it now says “Sale offer (with the Sale price: 388 Gold) was canceled, and you received 952 Royal Crystals back.”. This was about 3 hours ago. I have not received my crystals back and I have not received the gold either. I have restarted the game, relogged, checked my inventory and so on, to no avail. What do I do now?

Hello @crypz

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Let me apologize for this inconvenience about the Royal Crystal not returned to your account. Since they are not listed on the transaction results i may advice you to check your email, find and email NPC (Prideholme, next to storage Keep, example) and let me know if the crystals are there!

If the crystals are not delivered to your account yet please contact Chat Support, in order to take the necessary actions on your case.

Keep gaming hero!

Thanks for the reply. I did contact Live Support and they created an internal ticket and escalated the issue to the Dev Team. I hope my issue will be resolved soon and I’ll get my crystals back!