Ru Artist class launch Story Express event rewards

Glad we’re both on the same page about your incredibly strange comments.

Your mind is severely warped. I’d suggest you seek help.

Wtf are u guys doing lmao

Worry not. It’s simply the side effects of boredom and disappointment. You end up wasting time arguing about literally nothing for no reason at all. While I enjoy playing on Ru, every time I play on NA, I find myself bored and browsing the forums more than actually playing the game.

Which server are you on?

In the west or Ru ?

People are really missing the point of this post. I don’t think anyone is asking for express to 1445 on our servers yet, it just feels bad watching every other region get cool stuff, meanwhile we get one old as fuck raid and some ugly skins.

“B-but the other regions are much older, so they should get stuff first!”

How about we just try to catch up every region to KR so that we can all celebrate the new content together? What the hell is the point of dripfeeding this content to keep us permanently behind? It’s going to ALWAYS feel this bad because we will never catch up. Goddamn SG.

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A whiteknight LMAO, the purpose of this post, in my point of view is to show us (western players) what probably will be comming togheter with Artist release.

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Precisely, but people are in too foul a mood at the moment to understand that.

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If you criticize AGS decisions you are dumb, they neither read the post, they just enter for a fast reply (not that you are doing it, but its how the whiteknights see)

I had to read that a few times (late at night for me)… lol lol

Most of the problem is that people don’t take the time to read, and if they do, they only read 1 or 2 posts. This means that they don’t get what people are actually saying, what the conversation is all about.

I suppose it’s the problem made by mobile phones, short texts, and short attention spans.
I bet people won’t even read this, too many words.

The first one.


join pog

Seems like you might need this:

it runs a lot better too lol

Of course it does. Our version of the game has been bloated by Amazon features that nobody uses and the anti-cheat upgrade made the game crash and blue-screen more often than usual.

how does story event works ? do you need to get through every zone and do main story again ?

Yes. You get rewards after clearing the msq of each zone up to Punika and finally when you hit 1302.

do you think it’s worth if you don’t have a new alt to level ?