Rubberbanding on new pc

i recently bought a new pc. A omen by Hp build with rtx 3080 and ryzen 7 5800x i have a stable network connection with 100mbps up and down.

after switching over to this pc i have experienced alot of rubberbanding. never had an issue with my old potato of a pc. what can be causing this? latency spikes to around 2,5k plus at chaos dungeons and other instanced content.
please help i feel like i have tried everything!

Hello, @tzzea and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

I’m sorry to know you’re having issues with the game.

I see you’ve tried some stuff already, but here’s a link that includes relevant information to troubleshoot any lag and connectivity issues.

In case this persists, you can contact us via live chat so our colleagues can escalate the case and determine what’s causing the rubberbanding.

If I can help with something else, let me know. Stay safe! :slight_smile: