Rules on multiaccounting?

I’m curious if having a second account to trade your main gold from weekly legion/abyss raids and abyss dungeons is allowed in our version, or if that would possibly get flagged as rmt and result in both accounts getting banned?

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Not allowed.

RMT represents the real money transactions that occur outside of game boundaries. The procedure involves exchanging intangible game assets between players where the payment is made in real currency outside of game jurisdiction. As long as there is no currency exchange for the goods between your characters you are not violating terms of service.

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So I’m not allowed to have multiple trusted steam accounts and play them separately, but pool materials between the two?

Nope multiaccount is against the tos, is an official post here somewhere on it.

It appears that you’re wrong:

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oh, thank you, i guess i probably shouldve used google first before i posted lol.

You are reading that out of context

Check the cm reply to me too on the thread. Yours in in regards to multiple people same location not one person multi acc.

Except there’s literally no way for AGS or anyone to know whether it’s me playing the second account from my IP or whether it’s little timmy my brother who I make farm chaos to send me materials.

what I linked was from further down in that very same post.

I’m guessing as long as there’s a human actually playing the accounts then nothing will ever come of it.

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Well yes its hard for them to proove otherwise but it breaks tos. Pretty much if you want to risk it then go for it but its not allowed and access to your account is at their discression so there is always the risk.

why wouldn’t you just make 20 characters on one account and do legion raid on all characters?

theres a 6 character raw gold limit per roster

  • the possibility to run two chars in parallel. Not sure for what but I am sure there are ways to use that to your advantage

Probably try to RMT on the 2nd account and if it doesn’t get banned they send it to their main and in case they receive a ban they say “but my brother little timmy sent me some gold from his account”

You don’t need to have seperate account.

Just play on another server in the same region using the SAME account.

You can then sell something worthless for a large sum of gold on AH, and have your other account buy it.

This is legal way to transfer gold. Since it is still abide by the 1 person 1 account rule, and is not multi-boxing or anything of the sort.

Well then you need to ban all of the whales because this is how they are getting around the $400 a day limit. They make multiple accounts, load up with crystals, convert them to gold and mail it to their main.

People can just use 2 different IPs…
This rule does not work it’s just like a gold selling rule that no one can really check.