Rumors about 50% guardians hp

Oh no Roxx maybe casuals really are bad at the game and need to learn before saying stuff like it’s tedious.

No that’s the case for casuals that hop on thinking they’d make big pwnge one shots like their other games that they play.

Not just that they heavily love getting carried and hate putting work just like real life.

It debunks claims that ags did some special +50 only for our region, based on beta feedback.

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Use your brain. If PUGs are known to be the worst thing to do, why do you think that is

That was for an increase in HP over NA’s beta . Not 50% increase over KR/RU

this HP test is already incredibly informative, you can deduce boss hp from the hit and its remaining altogether

approx 12-13mil on the boss itself a 50% difference in HP would not have a deviation of 0.6% health remaining on wipe end statistic.

It should be beyond 5.5%

That would be comparing 12mil vs 18mil approximately.(IF WE HAD the 50% boss hp buff which we dont)
like 1 hit is about ~8% health, 1mil dmg that means 1.25 is about 10% health.

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Untrue, it was buffed in other regions due to the powerspike as well as the buff to make it equalized. This argument is mute though, I don’t believe the problem comes from the HP, it comes from everything else:

  • People refuse, refuse to use battle items since they are hard to get. They prefer to die and respawn.
  • This tutorial chain should be obligatory, not hidden. Players would do each tutorial for each guardian before and know how to fight it instead of complaining that the mechanics are not explained in game
  • Same with everything else, from engravings, to gem fuse, etc. (at least they added new loading screens with that info I guess)

The only reason this content is difficult is because of ignorance, people mash G through the MSQ and don’t notice important info.

Didnt answer my question tho, what does PUGing this content have to do how “hard” it is.

If you cant clear the content then you cant, try your luck next time, practise, search how to beat it or skip it.

Cuz Pugs are notorious for a lot of failures due to bad team comp and support.