Runaway Island Una Quest Bug

Before the update, for the una quest on Runaway Island where you have to find 3 ramdomlu spawned NPC on the isand. Before the update, the NPC’s location will also show on the minimap, but after the update it no longer shows on the minimap.


I can confirm this. I have the same issue.

There are other issues with the quests on that island. Such as clicking on the scrap iron for the ‘Core Competency’ quest on Runaway Island used to work, but now it will only register the ‘G’ keyboard input.

Can also confirmed runaway is bugged after update. Real shame on it, don’t wanna swap bifrosts for 6 characters for it :frowning:

I hope devs are aware of the issue.

Same problem over here. I have 8 char.s that do it. So, Im not happy with the bug

Yeah getting the same bug as well

Same here. And the respwan rate has changed, npc will only exist for several second

Can we get an reply whether you are gonna fix this bug? it will take more than 10 minutes to finish this una now.

I completed yesterday but was annoying as f.

Same here

Can we have a fix on that in the next bug fix update @Roxx ?? 2 weeks of this is driving me crazy

Hello everyone! Thank you all for reporting this.

I’ve spoken with the team and I have news regarding the “Una’s Task: Catch the Criminals”. I can confirm this feature works as intended right now. In fact, before the patch it was not working correctly, as the NPCs weren’t supposed to show on the minimap in the first place. I hope it clears up the matter for you.

As for the other issue reported here, @DaRealJedi, could you please post a short video showcasing the scrap iron situation you described? I’d then forward it to our team and get an insight on this for you.

@CoolColin - when I had reported this, the scrap iron wasn’t clickable with a mouse. It has since been resolved in a subsequent maintenance window. I no longer have this issue. Thank you for the follow up.