Runes not shown in Shadowhunter demon form skills

As you can see in the image runes are not shown in demon form skills in the left, but you can see runes are set in the right. This happened since last patch.

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Thank you for reporting this! What is your character name and your server name?

Belazeno, regulus server

My shadowhunter is like this too. I guess it’s a bug with the new patch.

Thank you for letting me know that this is happening to you, Liquidcat0902 and classicmix.

I’ll get this sent to the development team for you.

same here:

Kaldaerys - Asta

Same issue for Artillerist Barrage skills.

Thank you for letting me know this is happening to you as well, Kaldaerys.

The same problem here:

Server: Neria
Character: Queskel

Hello, this is the same for all my Shadow Hunter’s as well, as 3 of my characters are all Shadow Hunters. They all have same problems as you don’t see them equipped.

Server: Enviska

Note: Main character does not use Demonic skills, so I haven’t checked, but other characters does use them and they do not show up at all, maybe safe to assume they’re all have the same issues.

Edit: Just checked on my main character, equipped a rune on the demonic skills, it indeed also doesn’t show up.

Thank you! Every bit of information helps! The development team is looking into this.