Running into the wall gameplay is back

As per New World, seems to stop people logging out they are placing items on the movement button and running into walls to stop them being timed out, thus staying logged in even when not playing… This causes huge queues to build up.

Then again, after being in a 4 hour queue this morning, as soon as I get I’m sure not gonna allow myself to log out and queue again.

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I’m confused, what are people doing exactly? Setting up a macro?

No, simply place an item on your mouse movement key and run into a wall… Game thinks you are active and keeps you logged in, so you can go shopping/work and not have to queue when you get home.

They started doing that this morning already…I guess everyone knew the flood would start in the morning…I been on for a few hours now waiting in a queue…I tried new servers but they all got thousands of people in queues as well…a good few hours wait time for everyone trying to get in now and since this morning…

I doubt this AGS will do anything as well…its night there and also Weekend…people usually slow to resolves issues over the weekend…I remember from New World…

Anyways will come post rubbish while waiting in the queue! Get that all important Post count up! Lol!

Now, this thread has already been made, so you wanna the fix or let it be this way?

Queueing for Zinnervale since 10.30 and still 3400 in queue… I hate that they do it but 100% understand why they do it.

Can you explain what this means? They are putting say a health potion while right clicking?

No,just place item on move key/mouse key and. Run into a wall (game thinks you are moving=active and will not log you out)

It means they jamming something into their keyboard to keep them moving…not the AUTO run as that will still flag you as AFK but put something physical into their keyboard to keep you moving and letting the game know your pressing a button so cant be afk :slight_smile: or use a fancy macro from mouse…not sure though if repeated same key stroke will eventually get flagged though…dont know what they use to detect afk players in this yet.

I can understand why ppl are doing this but on the other side it should get fixed by AGS as soon as possible by detecting if ppl are running against a wall (collision check) or not.

If they are running against a wall, then kick them out of the game to make free space for other player because it is after all against any Fair Play Rule which Gamers should take care of in my eyes.