S Vern Journey's End down for maintenance

Doing the main quest " at journeys end" and cannot enter it says down for maintenance :confused:

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Hello, this is a known issue. All the info you need is in this thread, apologies for the annoyance.

when are you going fix problem Haiger manor has same problem

@OminousOnion any ETA? We’re not able to quest further in the south vern story line :frowning:

2 days without fix lmao

Yo tengo mi personaje atascado en la pantalla de carga hace dos días y no puedo hacer ni las Dungeons. Lo vengo informando desde ayer y no me dan una solución. Espero que actúen rápido porque están atrasando mucho el progreso.

This is so annoying. I cant continue story and cant do Valtan. I lost Valtan with my guild today. Also 2 days without SV chaos dungeons. This is bad.

Thank you for sharing an update that you are aware of and working on it, but it is part of the main mission that blocks the game progression for several days already, not just a side mission we can do any time. Having an ETA and a resolution update would be a minimum.


What is up with this… How big an issue is this? - 3-4 days already. Did the server burn down and you are unable to get spareparts? - what is the ETA on this? Im tired of logging in and getting the same message time after time.

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How does a questline get broken like this for almost a week but no solution, even though I’ve done this exact quest 5 times already before?

Any update on this would be appreciated, i have 2 characters i want to finish the questline on :sob:

Supposedly because of some weekend holidays in Korea I guess, unfortunately for us. Also stuck on two alts on the haigers manor scenario QQ

I also have 4, about to be 7 alts that won’t be able to progress past Haiger’s Manor.

My 1415 Bard (Attune EUW) is going to miss Valtan because of this. I hope u can give players that miss Valtan a compensation for being stuck on a Main quest that locks content.

Hopefully you will fix it before rest.


4 days without fix, nice job NW team, ops Lost Ark team.

WTH! I got my main finally at 1415 and wanted to do Valtan i was doing the questline and got stuck cause of this! it sucks ok we had time to do it earlier i get it but that doesn’t help the situation we are atm! :frowning: i tried to push for 1415 and now can’t progress so sad man :frowning:

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Still no fix… OMG

It takes more than 5 days to fix a critical bug like this for a small indie company pl0x understand.

they’re most likely fixing on the weekly update. i doubt they’ll patch it on a random day.

Puff estamos igual vaya m este fallo no se puede terminar Berna de sur con las mansion de Haiger a ver si con el mto. de mañana que ya les vale