SA Blue crystal prices today



Why we need to have like 100 Threads with the same Topics?


the same reason why, people where spamming the need of honing buff everyday, pressure is the only way to fix stuff


cause its a actual problem that needs to be fixed instead of some useless threads out here


But how do you fix it? Tell AGS to buy millions of Royal Crystal and put them cheap for sale?
For every 95 Blue Crystals, someone is selling 2.5$ to get gold

They would have to decrease the price of bikini skins, which they will never do.

These skins cost much more in SA due to shitty currency shenanigans, hence why SA whales simply buy the skins and sell on market rather than buying gold with RC.

Supply/demand, no need to create a thread everyday or more than one thread everyday.


whats the cost of RMT gold in SA? I feel like really cheap RMT gold may be a source of the issues

Possible sources in my opinion:

  • people buying skin pack to sell instead of directly selling RC because skins are more profitable
  • people who RMT and have more gold, buying blue crystals regardless of current price
  • less people exchanging RC to gold to “Impulse buy” accessories or books, because of the 3 day restriction (against fraud)
  • less people willing to sell RC for “cheap” because let’s be honest, what can you do with 1.5k gold? you pay 2.5$ for it
  • overall people with many legion raid alts having much more gold to spend compared to just a few weeks ago (punika pass, express, honing buff → speedrun 1415+)

And none of these are easy to fix

Aint nobody botting on SA lol. Even the gold sellers know how broke SA is.

I just went on g2g to check its 100k gold for 40$ for SA says 10 million gold in stock. Is that alot better than your current RC to gold prices or RC to skin?

500g increase, so?

Why would ags need to buy royal crystals?

They would just print them and flood the market like the federal reserve

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238 RC = 2,480g
10$ = 1000 RC

for calculations, assume 40$ = 4000 RC without bonus

40$ = 16 x 2,480g = 39,680g

With RMT you get 2.5x more gold than selling RC, skin prices I don’t know

sounds to me like a lot of people in SA servers resorting to RMT which is much more affordable. Probably contributes to the lack of RC just as much as lack of whales. Probs part of the reason why BC is ridiculous

Reason I mention this is that someone in SA is paying those ridiculous book/bc prices, and its not whales who swipe with RC or else RC and BC will be lower


Worst part of coming to the foruns to check any update on this issue, is having to read the brilliant opinions of the average american gamer. @Roxx end our pain. Just shut SA servers down and deliver us from this torment.


God damn right.
*north american

Hey I’d prefer if they’d just remove the 3 day hold which would make things better for SA while RMT bots and credit card stealers make more profit since USD are worth more than any SA currencies.

I’m sure that some time ago they posted that they will interfere with the prices and adjust them accordingly, guess these were empty words.